Leidenschaft Vertrauen Respekt Relevanz Authentizität Integrität Teamarbeit

We “live” our values. Our customers, employees and network partners can rely on us that we understand and exemplify what we stand for. Our values are not lip service: They are an essential prerequisite for a successful and partnership-based cooperation with our customers and within our company.


We love what we do! We are open-minded, take the lead and responsibility, and lead by example. We look for the best talents, and promote both their professional and personal development.


We trust each other and act as a reliable advisor to our partners and clients/principals.


We value our diversity as people, our ideas and perspectives, and honor excellent performance.


We aim to offer a significant and measurable added value, internally and externally, to bring things into focus.


We listen, and clearly and openly communicate that which we believe is right or wrong.


We do what is right – not that which is easiest. We say no to offers that do meet with our ethical standards, even if these have negative repercussions.


We believe that teamwork, mutual support and networks are the keys to success – in our own team, with our partner network and with our clients/principals.