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Change Management is no task to be performed on the fly. Despite belittled and misunderstood, it is a key factor for project success​.

There are inconvenient truths that are only told reluctantly in most projects. One of the biggest is that even if veiled, changes are inherent to every project and will assume an independent existence if not managed​​.

One of the great paradoxes in project management. The reasons why most projects fail are known but despite this knowledge projects continue to face challenges and ultimately fail despite this awareness.

It’s a people's game. Effective change management concentrates the willingness of the people and maintains a certain spirit. Knowing that there is more to ‘true’ and ‘false’ levers your success​​.

Managing change is critical for a successful transformation

Change Management, though often overlooked or misconstrued, is a vital element for every successful transformation.

AdEx Partners offers a comprehensive approach to managing change, emphasizing its necessity for triumph in business transformations.

Effective change management depends on robust leadership at every level – impacting performance twice as much as other factors – and a well-defined vision, which has 2-4 times more influence on benefit realization compared to other aspects. Notably, 85% of unsuccessful transformations stem from pre-existing organizational problems unnoticed during the program's implementation.

Change Management at AdEx Partners is communication, mobilization and enabling people in an intensity that reflects your individual ​circumstances


Change Management is the process of ensuring that the people most affected by proposed changes are

ready, willing and able to make the operational and behavioral changes required to deliver success.

We develop and deliver a holistic and effective Change Management approach 

ASNWER to Why Change Management of AdEx Partners is different?

  • Lack of transparency about what will change (i.e. tools, ways of working, roles & competences, E2E processes, governance & organization)​

  • Lacking ownership of the change, Leadership not taking responsibility in the change process​

  • Tools are implemented on the technical side, but bridging the gap between old-to-new way of working is not trained

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Every change is different - and so is your solution

There is no one-fits-all standard framework that will cover all aspects.

The scope and impact of the change determines the mix of methods needed to successfully transform. ​