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Last year we implemented the "Hood concept". AdEx is growing continuously and quickly. As the number of employees grows, the know-how we can offer to our customers is increasing. Internally, however, it is becoming more and more difficult for everyone to know everyone. To meet this challenge, we want to further develop our organizational structure without losing our start-up feeling and our family set-up. Through the Hoods, we want to enable all employees to get involved without pretending rigid top-down structures. Hoods or “Communities of Practice” give us the opportunity to remain a flexible and self-learning organization. This enables us to respond flexibly to market dynamics by advancing and developing our services, industries and markets and still enjoying freedom (like for recruitment, human resources development, marketing). Hoods give our employees a home and offer the opportunity to develop professionally and personally.

The passion, motivation and knowledge of our employees are our most important "assets". We like to provide our employees with an environment that promotes this motivation, passion, and knowledge. That is why we pay attention particularly to a positive work-life-balance, through flexible working time models, possibilities of personal development, through an unlimited training budget. We also celebrate successes and have a lot of fun besides the profession, through company events with partners/family, regular round tables and team celebrations.