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A strong self-awareness as pre-condition to be a trusted advisor

A strong self-awareness is a fundamental pre-condition to be a trusted advisor for your customers. Impressions from the ada Fellowship program on the topic "self-awareness".

By Christian Friedrichs

I looked forward to the start of this year's ada Fellowship program with great anticipation. In particular, the discussions with the other Fellowship participants and the question of how we shape our future. Of course, the current hot topics such as "Artificial Intelligence", "Big Data" or "New Technologies" stand out.

But aren't the supposedly soft topics the basic prerequisite for success? Therefore I am very happy that the Ada Program starts with the module ‘self-awareness’. The basis to understand yourself, identify our potential to grow and adapt within the digital world.

In addition I find it tremendous important to be aware of the values that are driving us. They are our compass to be an independent and trustworthy advisor. Only if you know your own values, you can let them guide you to act in the best interest for the customer.

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