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AdEx Partners in motion for a good cause

Starting on March 15, 2021, the employees of AdEx Partners had a clear goal: to cover 10.000 km in 3 months to donate 5.000 Euros to a good cause.

The "AdExGo! challenge" offered a platform to better get to know the sporting achievements of the colleagues, as well as their local areas. The lively participation of AdEx colleagues in the sporting initiative was not only a delight for the CSR team, which had launched the initiative, but also for the AdEx Feel-Good Team. Especially in times of Corona and constant sitting in the home office, it is important to encourage physical exercise. AdEx Partners promotes this sporting balance among its employees and does everything in its power to ensure that they are well and feel good.

In addition, our CSR team and the management are also keen to support social organizations and thus make a positive difference in society.


After reaching the goal, the employees were able to choose between various social organizations with which AdEx had already been supporting in the past. The three winners that got the votes, to receive 5.000 Euros are the following:

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