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AdEx Partners Publishes first United Nations Global Compact Progress Report

One year after joining the United Nations Global Compact: AdEx Partners publishes its first Communication on Progress report.

The Global Compact is an initiative launched by the UN in which companies worldwide can voluntarily commit themselves to a sustainable and responsible corporate governance. Since 1999, ten central principles regarding the topics of human rights, labor, the environment and corruption prevention offer a guideline for companies’ behavior and for measuring their progress.  

Since 2020, AdEx Partners has officially joined the initiative as one of now almost 13,000 active companies. After one year, we are now reconfirming our commitment to compliance and implementation of the core ten principles and published our first progress report. In addition to the explicit commitment to the goals of the UN Global Compact, the report contains descriptions of concrete measures for the integration of the pact's objectives, as well as examples of successfully achieved goals. 

The full report, including a list of the ten principles, is now available here: AdEx Partners UNGC Report 2021

With our ongoing commitment to the principles of sustainable and responsible corporate governance, we at AdEx Partners want to set an example for our employees, customers, and the public. Furthermore, we thereby actively engage in a mutual exchange with the other participants in order to make our contribution to a fair and sustainable global economy. 

Further information on the United Nations Global Compact can be found at https://www.unglobalcompact.org/ 

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