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AdEx Partners campaigns for the Besi & Friends Foundation

In our virtual workout sessions, which have become a tradition, this time we really worked hard and stood up for the Besi & Friends Foundation.

We are happy to take this opportunity to look back on our participation in "24 hours Rad am Ring" in July 2019. For each lap we completed, a euro amount was donated to the Besi & Friends Foundation. Due to the current situation, we were unfortunately unable to repeat the race this year. And so this year we put a lot of effort into our regular virtual workout sessions for Besi & Friends. We were encouraged by Dominik Czarnowsky, a personal trainer at EVEN in Leipzig. Thank you Dominik for your personal pro bono commitment and for making us sweat together with Besi & Friends in our home offices. 

And our families were there too. Because: AdEx Partners made a donation for each participant, which, in addition to other fundraising campaigns, ended up with 5000 euros. At fantastic wheather conditions Christian-Hendrik Nölle, partner at AdEx Partners, presented Besi with a check for 5000 euros at the weekend.

And so our workout with the aim of joint activities this time also had another good cause. Andreas “Besi” Beseler has MS and has been committed to helping patients with similar diseases since 2013. The Besi & Friends foundation was founded at the beginning of 2019 with the aim of supporting people with diseases of the nervous system (such as MS, paraplegia and ALS) and immune diseases (such as rheumatism, diabetes or Crohn's disease) (more information can be found here).

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