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The AdEx Partners (online) Digital Bootcamp 2020

At the end of 2020 we organized a digital bootcamp for social enterprises for the second time and carried it out with great success. And this time purely virtual.

Digital Bootcamp purely virtual for the first time

With the second Digital Bootcamp for social enterprises, AdEx Partners was able to make a major contribution to the company's social responsibility in 2020. 

In September, social enterprises and social or ecological organizations were invited to apply for  participation in the boot camp and the associated pro bono consulting. A jury selected six participants from the fields of education, the environment, social participation, economic development, humanitarian aid, human rights and freedom of expression. The winners were: 

  • Ackerdemia e.V. 

  • Futuro Forestal SA 

  • Hateaid gGmbH 

  • Munevo GmbH 

  • SOS Méditerannée Germany 

  • Talents4Good GmbH 

The Digital Bootcamp 2020 started with an interactive all-day workshop on October 9th, which was carried out completely online, for the first time in this pandemic year. The social enterprises had the opportunity to present their specific questions and to work out solutions together with a competent team of consultants from AdEx Partners and student management consultancies. 

The bootcamp in October was followed by further video calls of the individual teams every two weeks until mid-January, in order to deepen individual aspects and to support the implementation of the proposed solutions. 

Social enterprises deal with a wide range of operational challenges

The issues dealt with covered a wide range of strategic, organizational and technical topics, such as digitalization and business models, expansion, process improvement, data management, virtual and agile collaboration and the underlying IT landscape. Here, the consultants from AdEx Partners, with their many years of experience in comparable topics with large companies, were able to provide content and methodological support, coach and thus contribute to bringing the social enterprise to the next level in key dimensions. The cooperation at eye level and the fresh view from the outside was very much appreciated by all participants. 

Eike Baur from Talents4Good, a sustainable HR consultancy, summed up the boot camp as follows: “It helped us a lot to get an outside perspective! We received practical decision support when choosing a new IT tool. Even if we did not catch some aspects at first, the AdEx team stayed with us until they really got through. It helped us a lot not to focus directly on the software but realize the underlying needs and requirements by changing perspective." 

"It was particularly impressive to see how professionally and efficiently social enterprises are set up in order to achieve an astonishingly large contribution with their limited resources," said Associate Partner Christian Holthaus. 

Student consultants provide fresh perspectives and learn from the "pros"

Another novelty this year was the participation of student management consultancies from several universities, coordinated by the umbrella organization JC Network e.V. The students were given the opportunity to gain insights into the consulting work of AdEx Partners and to make their individual contribution to solutions for the social enterprises. “I've never had a better learning experience. Having a real customer in front of you, sitting next to experts and using everything directly, has brought me more than numerous lectures at the university. 

Tangible results and valuable experience for everyone involved

The results are to be proud of! All social enterprises have gladly accepted the contributions from AdEx Partners and the students and implemented them sustainably in their organizations. Regular meetings and opportunities to give and receive feedback created significant value for the social enterprises and advanced them in their respective projects. "I am very proud to see how we as a consulting company can use our skills in the best possible way to achieve a sustainable impact", Timo Ströbel from AdEx Partners sums up the Digital Bootcamp 2020. 

Curious? After the great success this year, we would like to hold an AdEx Partners Digital Bootcamp in 2021 - virtual or in person. The dates will be published soon via our social media channels and our network. 

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