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AdEx Partners named Hidden Champion

After 2019, AdEx Partners was again named Hidden Champion of the Consulting Industry this year.

This year we are looking forward to a very special Christmas gift. After 2019, we have once again been awarded as a hidden champion of the consulting industry in 2021.

For the eighth time, the Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung mbH (WGMB) has launched their popular study. There, executives from large and medium-sized companies take part in an independent survey and comment on highly specialized consulting firms that are less familiar to the public. The aim is to determine which companies are certified as having a higher level of expertise in their field than the three major consulting firms McKinsey, BCG and Bain.  

AdEx Partners won 1st place for program and project management

In the area of program and project management, we were named "Hidden Champion of the Consulting Industry" with 1st place. That makes us proud! With this ranking, we are on an equal footing with industry giants such as McKinsey & Company, Roland Berger or Accenture. Details on the ranking can also be found in the current issue of Capital. As a specialized consulting firm, we can stand up to the industry leaders and have at least as much to offer in program and project management as they do. In addition, we also performed excellently in the areas of "Methodological Competence" and "Transformation".  

The fact that the ranking is based on corresponding assessments by customers and managers from the German economy underlines this achievement. The rules for the study and the entry hurdles are clearly defined and the bar is high. You cannot apply, however, you become a participant in the study through pre-selection of an independent panel of experts from science and practice. More information about the ranking can be found here. We would like to thank all our customers who took part in this assessment and who in this way expressed their appreciation for the work we have done.  

This is AdEx Partners

We are the Trusted Advisor when it comes to the important projects – the transformations on which the success of the company depends or your own career. In March 2022 we celebrate our 10th birthday. Right from the beginning, we successfully stand by the side of our customers and advise them on all questions relating to IT and business-relevant topics – be it in the context of digital transformation, in the program and project management of ERP transformations, the establishment of customer centricity or in the transformation of the organization towards an agile way of working. 

With more than 170 consultants, we have now been named Hidden Champion of Consulting for the second time in a row – proof that we play in the Champions League of the industry. More than half of all DAX companies have already benefited from the skills and experience that AdEx Partners brings to the companies. 

What distinguishes us particularly is the fact that we do not act like conventional consulting companies, but support our customers, for example in the selection and control of service providers. This is a discipline that is often underestimated and often cannot be adequately staffed internally. The services of AdEx Partners are not limited to strategic and conceptual issues or the setting up of projects: We remain at the side of our customers even during implementation and help to lead complex transformation programs and projects to success. 

Source: WGMB Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung mbH