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Laptops donated for children in need

Technology is important - even for children and young people. But not every family or school can afford computers. AdEx Partners therefore supports the Labdoo organization with a laptop donation.

Today, it's hard to imagine classrooms or offices without laptops. While our more than 130 colleagues are busy typing and clicking every day, many children around the world lack access to the Internet, and in poorer countries there is often only one computer per class or even school. The organization Labdoo wants to change this and we as AdEx Partners support this valuable work.

In 134 countries, Labdoo helpers distribute IT equipment and thus support 550,000 children. In addition, Labdoo provides free learning content, offline wikis in their local language and over 300 learning and office programs from pre-school to college for the students. 

AdEx Partners supports this commitment with a donation of around 30 laptops and a docking station. IT manager Dominic Spatz got the devices ready, has reset them and handed them over to Labdoo at the end of January. The laptops will now be distributed worldwide. Some computers might even stay in Germany. After all, in times of homeschooling and home office for parents, computers and tablets are considered rare in this country as well.

We are happy to be able to support the great work of Labdoo and want to continue our cooperation. Those who still have private old devices at home and would like to help can also support Labdoo. The organization accepts donations by mail, additionally many recycling centers are cooperating with the organization and pass on devices to Labdoo on request.


For further information visit: https://www.labdoo.org/

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