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12 Years AdEx Partners Companion to sustainable success

In 2012, we started with our vision of the Trusted Advisor. 
Much has changed over the years - both internally and externally, but our basic understanding has remained the same:

As a Trusted Advisor, we stand by our clients on an equal footing with experienced and highly qualified colleagues in the management of complex, global and forward-looking projects. It is our daily actions, the communication with the customers, that creates trust.

In all questions regarding transformations for IT and business-relevant topics - be it in the context of digital transformation, program and project management of ERP transformations, the establishment of Customer Centricity or the transformation of the organization towards agile working methods. 

With this concept, it was clear from the start that we could only achieve customer trust with the right people. This team is still the heart of AdEx Partners today and we want it to stay that way for the next years.

Corporate Responsibilty bei AdEx Partners

Values and self-conception at AdEx Partners

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Learn more about how we take responsibility at AdEx Partners in this video.

In the video we describe our self-image and our values as Trusted Advisor.

Participating and working at AdEx Partners means being part of the change.

AdEx Partners Insights

Christmas comes earlier this year

Traditionally, AdEx Partners supports social organizations with donations at Christmas. Regarding the current situation, Christmas cannot start early enough for us this year.

2020 was a year that required a lot of willingness to change from all of us. We have to adapt, be it in our professional or private lives. No one will be left without a trace this year.

But it has also made it clear to us what really matters. Cohesion, solidarity, and investment in our future are more important than ever, as well as courageously dealing with challenges to come.

That is why we have decided to expand our donation campaign traditionally associated with Christmas. This year we will support not only the Childaid Network but also a Corona relief fund in Germany. In this way, we are committed to serving others both locally and globally and support them even more than before with donations and personal commitment. 

Corona relief fund for a strong civil society in Germany

In August 2020, the non-profit analysis and consulting company Phineo gAG set up a Corona relief fund for Civil Society. Solidarity is essential to overcome the social impact of the Corona crisis. The rescue fund is intended to help maintain the vibrant and diverse civil society involvement in Germany; it is needed more than ever.

Be it sports clubs, cultural institutions, help for the homeless, neighborhood, educational or youth projects: Whoever gets into financial difficulties due to corona, is mainly privately financed and can demonstrate a fundamentally impact-oriented work, has good chances to be supported by the relief fund. The financial support is intended to maintain voluntary work for target groups that are particularly affected by corona.

With a donation in September, AdEx Partners was one of the first support partners of the Corona relief fund to provide unbureaucratic and sustainable help to non-profit organizations whose existence is threatened by Corona. 

Sometimes Christmas simply has to come early. Every donation counts and has a big impact. Perhaps you too would like to become a sponsor of the Corona relief fund?

Childaid Network - Care Program in North East India

As in previous years, another part of our donation goes to the charitable foundation Childaid Network. Its vision is to provide needy children and youths with a qualified basic education, among other things, in order to provide them with an important foundation for a self-determined life and thus a better future.  

The Corona Pandemic has India under control and hits the poorest people hardest. Apart from the health risks, the sources of income lost due to the curfews are even more striking. Families are threatened with starvation because as day laborers they no longer have the opportunity to earn money for essential food. 

This year, AdEx Partners supports the children in the refugee camps on the border to Bhutan, who are severely affected by the crisis.  Their parents are no longer able to find employment, as overnight all casual jobs have been stopped. Although Childaid Network usually focuses on education, they invested in food parcels to prevent starvation of young people and their families in the project areas by providing emergency aid. 

Under high pressure, Childaid Network developed relief efforts: Instead of reading and calculating, teachers and social workers taught hygiene and prevention measures. At the same time, creative concepts were developed during the crisis to make teaching possible again under hygiene conditions. Primary school children are taught in small groups, and children - where possible - are equipped with digital technology.  

Soon the schools are supposed to reopen, and Childaid Network is prepared to bring education to the poorest through tutoring and scholarships. 30 € are needed for a one-year scholarship. 

It is a matter of the heart for AdEx Partners to support the important work of Childaid Network to give children and young people access to good education and to strengthen them, especially in the global crisis.

Pro Bono IT Consulting

In addition to donations, we again donated our expertise this year to make organizations more effective through digitalization and IT. This is how we would like to make our contribution as AdEx Partners. You can find more information about this on our Corporate Responsibility page.

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As AdEx Partners, we live and promote teamwork, mutual support, and knowledge sharing. We value the trustful cooperation among each other and with our customers, as a community and by combining our individual expertise we can be successful. From digitalization in the industrial environment to SAP consulting with state-of-the-art technologies and strategy solutions - as a leading consultancy and "great place to work", we offer our employees an exciting career in a rapidly growing customer market.

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As part of society, it is natural for us to fulfill our social and environmental responsibilities. 

We are guided by the three pillars of Employees, Society and Planet.