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In the defense industry, security is critical. AdEx Partners understands the specific and stringent security requirements of your industry and can help you address them in any transformation. Our experts are experienced in integrating new technologies, such as artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. With GenAI, we can help you identify security threats before they occur and take preventative action.


Challenges High Defense:

  • Security Requirements: The defense industry has very specific and stringent security requirements that need to be considered in any kind of transformation.
  • Technological Advances: New technologies, such as artificial intelligence or cybersecurity, bring both opportunities and challenges. Integrating these technologies requires specialized expertise and careful planning.
  • Political and regulatory changes: The defense industry is heavily influenced by political and regulatory decisions. Any change in these areas can have a significant impact on transformation projects.


We have a deep understanding of the political and regulatory landscape of the defense industry. We can help you respond to change and successfully implement your transformation projects.


Are you ready to make the defense industry safer and more innovative?


Contact us today and discover how AdEx Partners can prepare your organization for the challenges and opportunities of the future.


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Disentanglements are omnipresent – be it due to a new business focus or to finance business portfolio management activities.

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Backup of IT systems: Rubrik BRIK systems combine all backup processes in a single solution

In business context, almost all IT systems and data are periodically backed up and copied to other IT systems. Depending on the technology used and the existing security requirements, this results in permanent basic cost. In return, business is protected against the most dramatic consequences of serious operating errors or technical damages: a critical loss of business data.

by Klaus Wagner

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AdEx Cloud Adoption Framework

New business requirements are increasingly driving IT-departments to provide innovative IT applications and platforms for digitalization at short notice and ready for operation.

As outlined, the reasons for a partial or complete move to the cloud are manifold and cannot be limited to aspects such as cost savings, speed, flexibility, the pressure to innovate, or peak utilization. New and digital business models, the growing need for future-proof IT security and globalization with the desire for…

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ERP Transformation - if it's necessary, then strategically sensible

Holistic transformation of ERP landscapes to realize innovative processes and digital business models.

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Data Value Management

Only with the right data strategy and high data quality can sustainable added value from the collected company and customer data be achieved.

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