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The AdEx Partners Digital Bootcamp 2022

For the fourth time, we were able to hold our pro bono consulting bootcamp for social enterprises and non-profit organizations with great success - and the kick-off finally back in presence.

For over than 10 years, AdEx Partners has been active as an award-winning management, process and IT consultancy and accompanies clients as a trusted advisor in various industries, projects and complex transformation processes.

In our Digital Bootcamp, we want to share this experience with social enterprises and non-profit organizations and support them pro bono with our skills. The idea behind our skilled volunteering concept is simple: we bring together the expertise of our consultants with social organizations. This enables us to gain new insights and work together on challenges for a better world.

Six inspiring organizations

As in previous years, nonprofit organizations and social enterprises were invited to apply with an individual topic for our bootcamp in 2022. A jury then selected inspiring organizations which were supported for several months with the expertise of our consultants in developing and implementing new solutions:

The selected organizations focus on topics such as sustainability, education, cybersecurity, diversity and human rights.

The Digital Bootcamp 2022 kicked off on October 07 with an interactive, full-day workshop. Accompanied by an active break, the organizations had the opportunity to work together with our consultants on their individual topics and each develop approaches to solutions with a competent team of consultants. In order to sustain the results of this intensive collaboration, clear goals, steps and tasks were developed for all participants. The day was followed by the phase of coaching units, in which individual aspects could be deepened in order to accompany the implementation of the developed solution approaches.

In 2022, we also had a premiere to celebrate, as for the first time we were able to host a virtual bootcamp in English with the participation of the international network EWMD.


We are very grateful for the amazing work these organizations do and we are glad to have them on board! A big thank you also goes to all our consultants and the organizing team who made this possible!

Are you interested?

Non-profit organizations can already register their interest by emailing CSR@adexpartners.com. You will then be notified as soon as the application phase for our Digital Bootcamp 2023 begins. Check out our company page on LinkedIn as well to stay up to date: AdEx Partners | LinkedIn

Please also visit our CSR page to find out more about our commitment and other activities.