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Alms instead of palms - our AdEx Parnters Summer Event 2023 in the Austrian Alps was PHENOMENAL

This year, our traditional AdEx Partners Summer Event 2023 was all about sustainability. First, close to home, second, close to nature and third, ecological. That's why the beautiful Alpbachtal in the Kitzbühel Alps was the perfect location. The organizing team once again outdid themselves and organized a phenomenal event. Anyway, one cannot thank the team enough for all their efforts. Besides a general business part for the employees, our families were as always in the foreground. And here our Orga team had again thought up a lot.

Why can't the summer festival last 100 days?

9 Years,
Child of an employee at departure

All those who were able to attend are sure to agree: IT WAS SUPER!!!

New this year: The AdEx Partners Summer Event 2023 went one day longer. Therefore, we already met on Thursday and first got to know the Alpbachtal. It was especially exciting to get to know the new employees and their families. And especially the children were very happy because they could meet their friends from the last years again. A highlight of the evening was certainly an exclusive concert by the local band before we ended the evening at the Postalm.

For all employees, the focus on Friday morning was on the business part. We learned about current developments from a business perspective. The main topic this year was the development of a common set of values. The basis for this was a previous survey. On the one hand, it was a question of what is important to us? Or what drives us? On the other hand, where do we see the future-oriented topics? And in the next few months, we will be putting all this work into developing our future AdEx Partners Core Values. This is our participatory culture. 

And as every year, of course also in 2023, our "Celebrations" in particular were eagerly awaited. Where we traditionally celebrate our anniversaries as well as our promotions in detail. And after celebrating our 10th anniversary in 2022, this year we also had our first employees celebrate their personal 10-year AdEx Partners company anniversary for the first time.

The AdEx Partners Summer Event 2023 - close to nature and sustainable, something for everyone

For our families and especially for our children, Friday morning already started with all kinds of activities. From "working and actively helping" on a farm, to various sports activities and a huge children's program, there was something for everyone. 

And so it continued in the afternoon. We all met together at the sports field of the village where a fabulous sports festival was waiting for us. 

The highlight of the weekend was on Saturday the end of our summer party at the mountain hut Hornboden. In addition to a children's party with various activities such as summer rodeos, we had a great dinner accompanied by phenomenal music and a great final party AdEx Partners style.


Just like in all the years before, the AdEx Partners Summer Event 2023 was again a great success. With great new colleagues and of course our families and children. We are already looking forward to 2024 and stay excited.  

Many thanks to the entire Orga team! You are great!