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Digital Learning Hub for Child and Youth Care

SOS Children's Villages International is an NGO, dedicated to providing quality care to vulnerable children around the world. Since 2020, AdEx Partners provides pro-bono-based consulting services by working closely together with SOS Children's Villages International. Within the organization there is a network of child and youth care practitioners (CYC) taking care of children. Aiming to enable CYC practitioners to perform their duties at the highest level, SOS Children's Villages started the program “CYC Digital Learning Hub” (DLH), which consolidates and makes available multiple digital solutions, global learning frameworks and experience-based knowledge content. The DLH guarantees access to knowledge-, learning- and development tools around the globe. It will empower the CYC practitioners to connect throughout the organization to improve knowledge and knowledge sharing as well as enable continuous learning. 



  • Introducing and guiding the change management process embedded into the project to promote the acceptance and use of the latest knowledge and learning opportunities. 

  • Implementing a customized AdEx Partners approach for change management based on the ADKAR framework (Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, Reinforcement) from Prosci. 

  • Conducting workshops with key stakeholders, acting as change agent core team, to drive the change in the organization. 

  • Generating awareness and enablement activities, to raise awareness, drive acceptance and enable utilization of the Digital Learning Hub. 


AdEx Partners' idea and goal in this project is to support and educate a group of change agents for them to ensure that stakeholders and users of the new Digital Learning Hub are ready, willing, and able to embrace this new form of learning & teaching. Project challenges are the fragmented global organization across countries and cultures as well as a large group of different stakeholders. Yet, with the help of AdEx Partners, the intended change process is in progress, key stakeholder-groups are identified, the purpose, as well as the Future State, are defined, and relevant change management and communication activities are identified and launched. Based on the work in 2021 the entire funding for 2022 is approved and AdEx Partners will continue to support the change management process in the future.

“Change management had not really been applied at SOS Children's Villages in the past for such type of projects. Through AdEx Partners, we experienced a profound and structured approach for the first time. Together we started the implementation, which we intend to continue in the future.”

Thomas Rubatscher
International Director for ICT