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Open Application for the AdEx Partners Digital Bootcamp on September 20th, 2024

Once again, AdEx Partners is offering a pro bono consulting bootcamp, this time in the vibrant city of Hamburg, tailored for social enterprises and non-profit organizations. Following the success of our previous event in Zürich, we're excited to invite you to join us for a full-day Digital Bootcamp on September 20th, 2024, aimed at addressing challenges and amplifying the impact of social enterprises and non-profit organizations. 

In numerous instances, challenges encountered in the social sector mirror those in the business sector: How can we optimize outcomes with limited resources through digitalization? How can we enhance engagement with clients and partners? And how can we foster efficient collaboration both internally and externally? Additionally, what are the crucial elements for effectively managing change? 

For more than 10 years, AdEx Partners has been working as an award-winning management, process, and IT consultancy and has successfully accompanied clients in various projects, sectors and complex transformation processes as a Trusted Advisors. 

As part of the "AdEx Family," we are eager to share our expertise and offer pro bono support, leveraging our skills to help you gain fresh perspectives and collectively contribute to making the world a better place. 

How does the Digital Bootcamp work?

Until July 31st


Application period



Announcement of participants

First weeks of September


Preparation Calls

September 20th


Digital Bootcamp in Hamburg (full day)

April - July


Implementation phase with regular, virtual meetings


The preparation calls serve to get to know each other and get a better understand the challenges to be tackled together. Representatives from IT and management should also be included in the clarification of the task if they are not already scheduled as participants. 

If travel expenses for the Bootcamp occur, they cannot be reimbursed by AdEx Partners, but are to be paid by the participating organization itself. 


Click here to apply

The application deadline is Thursday, August 1st, 2024


After the application deadline, a panel will review the applications and select the most appropriate and impactful projects. The announcement of the participants will be made in Mid-August. 

After the application deadline, a panel will review the applications and select the most appropriate and impactful projects. The announcement of the participants will be made in Mid-August. 


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Are you interested?


1. With which topics can we apply for the Bootcamp? 

AdEx Partners offers broad expertise in the areas of strategy, change and transformation management, digitalization and organizational development. In addition, our experts provide support in the areas of virtual collaboration, donor management, project management, digital tools, sustainability, process optimization, organizational culture and business models. A structured overview of the AdEx Partners service portfolio can be found here


2. How many people from our organization can participate in the Bootcamp?

We recommend a maximum of three people per organization for the Bootcamp. During the preparation and coaching sessions, additional colleagues can be invited for specific topics. 


3. Why does AdEx Partners want to have a meeting with (representatives of) the IT and management during the preparation? 

To ensure the success of the project, it is essential that the management as well as the head of IT or other affected organizational units identify the case together and define a common goal. 


If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact CSR@adexpartners.com