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Organizational Transformation News, Hot Topic!

Conscious Business Transformation-Transformation Coaching

Many companies use transformation as a buzz word for change. And countless businesses undertake some type of transformation right now. Unfortunately, most will fail. It does not have to be that way.

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Data Marketplace: Find, understand, access, and collaborate for data value realization

Many organizations struggle to realize value from data, leading to missed revenue and business opportunities. Having access to relevant data is critical for every value-adding use case.

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Blockchain - Distributed Ledger Technology

Integrate suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders efficiently and transparently into your business processes. Blockchain enables you to exchange information between several parties in a tamper-proof and automated way. This opens new possibilities to optimize business processes and to open new business areas.

ERP Transformation News, Hot Topic!, News & PR

SAP S/4HANA Cloud Edition

With S/4HANA Cloud Edition, SAP has expanded it’s existing ERP software product line. It covers all relevant processes of a company and offers all functionalities of daily business as well as industry solutions. But for whom is the cloud-based ERP software suitable?

Cloud Transformation News, Hot Topic!, News & PR

Cloud Cold Storage - Simply backup your data

Whether small or large, three or three thousand employees: every company stores a large amount of information and data that will probably never be needed again. Nevertheless, there is a need or obligation to store data for legal reasons, among others. Depending on the circumstances, this can take up to several decades. This often involves content that is used as evidence of certain agreements, to secure business operations or for future decisions.

Organizational Transformation News, Hot Topic!

Change Management - There is no "One Size Fits All" approach

The market requires companies to be increasingly willing and flexible to adapt to changing requirements. In the context of digitalization and globalization, new challenges arise every day, which ideally are approached proactively and holistically by companies within the framework of transformation projects.