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We're excited to share our journey in transforming global master data management at our client Schleich, a story that intertwines the charm of Emil, the donkey foal, with the cutting-edge capabilities of AI. Dive into our latest article to discover how our Project Manager Alexander Schweinberger, his colleagues and the Schleich project team, led by Emanuel Fritz – facilitated this innovative leap, leveraging the Microsoft Power Platform and AI to revolutionize product development and meet the dynamic demands of the toy market.
In the face of evolving market trends and consumer expectations, Schleich embarked on a significant transformation to streamline its product development process. We introduced automated master data processing, enhancing both efficiency and data quality, thereby accelerating the creation of popular products like Emil and the "Horse Club" horse transporter.

Further innovation and growth

This transformation wasn't just about technology; it was a shift towards a more agile, efficient, and data-driven approach, emphasizing cross-functional collaboration within Schleich. The project has not only achieved its goal of robust and scalable master data management but also fostered a digital mindset across the company, setting the stage for further innovation and growth.

Discover the full story behind this transformative journey and how it's positioning Schleich for a future where innovation continues to thrive:

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