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Identity and Access Management

Every company is managing somehow user authentication and authorization in a global environment. But how to ensure security and compliance regulations while provisioning and de-provisioning access rights at the right time? How to support these processes with workflow and approval automated functionalities?

Corporate Responsibility News

AdEx Partners Publishes first United Nations Global Compact Progress Report

One year after joining the United Nations Global Compact: AdEx Partners publishes its first Communication on Progress report.

News & PR

Happy birthday AdEx Partners

We turned 9 on Saturday, March 6th. We are proud of that and say "Congratulations dear AdEx Partners".

Corporate Responsibility News

The AdEx Partners (online) Digital Bootcamp 2020

At the end of 2020 we organized a digital bootcamp for social enterprises for the second time and carried it out with great success. And this time purely virtual.

Corporate Responsibility News

AdEx Partners campaigns for the Besi & Friends Foundation

In our virtual workout sessions, which have become a tradition, this time we really worked hard and stood up for the Besi & Friends Foundation.

Organizational Transformation News

Conscious Business Transformation-Transformation Coaching

Many companies use transformation as a buzz word for change. And countless businesses undertake some type of transformation right now. Unfortunately, most will fail. It does not have to be that way.

Corporate Responsibility News

Laptops donated for children in need

Technology is important - even for children and young people. But not every family or school can afford computers. AdEx Partners therefore supports the Labdoo organization with a laptop donation.

AdEx News

Backup of IT systems: Rubrik BRIK systems combine all backup processes in a single solution

In business context, almost all IT systems and data are periodically backed up and copied to other IT systems. Depending on the technology used and the existing security requirements, this results in permanent basic cost. In return, business is protected against the most dramatic consequences of serious operating errors or technical damages: a critical loss of business data.

by Klaus Wagner

Corporate Responsibility News

Seasonʼs Greetings and a Happy New Year!

We have donated your chocolate to help others. We wish you and your loved ones a joyful holiday season & all the best for 2021!

AdEx Partners Award

AdEx Partners won two awards at the “Best of Consulting” at WirtschaftsWoche

We are very happy about another award in the “Best of Consulting” ranking by WirtschaftsWoche. And this year twice, in two different categories.

Corporate Responsibility News

#ChildaidNight for children in need

At this point, it is very important to us to draw attention to the #ChildaidNight for children in need.

News & PR

Data Marketplace: Find, understand, access, and collaborate for data value realization

Many organizations struggle to realize value from data, leading to missed revenue and business opportunities. Having access to relevant data is critical for every value-adding use case.