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Once employees feel challenged, invigorated and productive, their efforts will naturally translate into profit and growth for the organization.

Ricardo Semler

Employee Centricity

What is Employee Centricity?

Putting employees at the center of entrepreneurial activity is no longer a trend, but a necessity, at the latest after the pandemic. It has become the central factor for motivated and committed employees and the greatest lever for organizational success. This inner attitude paired with the right instruments can only be sustainably shaped by HR departments (People Team) working together with the entire management team and management.

Why does it make sense to focus specifically on employees?

Qualified and motivated employees are the basis for the company's success. Employees are no longer paid for the time they work, but for their outcome. Only employees who feel comfortable and are satisfied in their working environment can and want to exploit the full potential and thus become the key to success. A combination of high-quality dialogue, employee-centric technology and quantitative data must be used as a basis for this.

What are the advantages of employee centricity for a company?

The basis will be established to bring about a positive mind shift. The aim of this is to achieve corporate goals more sustainably, flexibly and productively.

  • The employees feel comfortable in the company and show it internally and externally. This leads to increased employer attractiveness and it becomes easier to retain the right talent and win new ones on the market.
  • It enables more proactivity and predictability while at the same time aligning corporate and individual employee goals.
  • Teams are full of diversity, which enrich each other and embody a doer mentality with customer focus.
  • These experiences and attitudes lead to higher customer satisfaction (customer centricity) and thus to increased corporate success (business benefits).

Our Services

Employee Centric Transformation

With the employee-centric transformation, the employees are placed at the center of entrepreneurial activity and the company consistently aligns itself accordingly.

Together we are able to use our proven process model to identify exactly the levers with which we can generate the necessary impetus for your appropriate mind shift.

We develop your specific path to align your company with the employees and talents and thus enable your team to develop its full potential in the long term.

Employee Experience (EX)

“Collect experiences, not things”, collecting special experiences makes up our life. We spend a third of our lifetime working, which makes it all the more important to offer employees a first-class employee experience. Everyone benefits from this: companies that place a special focus on EX generate more than four times the profit per employee, have significantly less fluctuation (-40%) and attract the best talent.

Particularly relevant in the post-pandemic phase, in which the Future of Work presents new challenges to topics, managers, employees and the entire organization almost every day. The world of work has become more complicated: purposeful work, flow@work, mental health, hybrid work and management, maximum flexibility and constantly changing framework conditions.

We help to make EX tangible, to initiate the right measures and to find an individual way for your company. Our team of work and organizational psychologists, former competitive athletes, and long-standing change & well-being experts will help you get away from the buzz word bingo and towards noticeable results.

Talent Management

Explore new ways in talent management with us to find, develop and retain the best employees and thus further drive your transformation and business success.

Demand for talent is at an all-time high, but opportunities to attract qualified employees and retain top performers are very limited as all companies compete for the same talent. Meanwhile, more than half of employees believe that their current skills will no longer be sufficient in the future and are willing to switch to other companies if they offer better development opportunities.

We accompany you on your way to a valuable talent organization with a clear, future-oriented strategy based on meaningful data and opportunities for people analytics. Thanks to our modular approach, we work together to find individual solutions that are tailored to the current situation and challenges of your company. In addition, we offer specific transformation modules that support your transformation programs and act as a catalyst for change success.

People Team

Digitization and the development towards a more strategic partner of the company are forcing HR to change. Grow out of classic HR work and build an efficient people team that puts the employees at the center of entrepreneurial activity and can thus actively promote the work of the entire company. We know the challenges and work together with HR on your sustainable people team:

  • What is the exact purpose of your people team?
  • How is your team positioned internally in terms of structure and processes?
  • How is your team anchored in the organization and what are the tasks and responsibilities of your people team?

Let's work together to identify, strengthen and anchor the hidden potential of your people team.

Employee Insights

Discover the way through the data jungle with us - examine what is important to connect your employees, managers and teams. A clear understanding of satisfaction, transparency of engagement and performance are critical to the success of your most valuable asset - your team.

Encourage engagement, productivity and belonging while protecting employee privacy. Understand needs and patterns to cultivate a culture that truly meets the needs of your employees and start actively shaping employee experiences.


Diversity is not a buzzword - diversity in a company is a driver of innovation and growth.

Much more important, however, are the people behind the developments. Because these are the decisive factor.

We support our customers with our services and not only provide an overview of diversity, equity, intersectionality and inclusion, but also help to set goals and work on tailor-made solutions. Be it a diversity strategy, in talent management or in leadership and culture. Our many years of experience in transformation is optimally complemented by the diversity aspect.

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