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Your Trusted Advisor

Your expert for strategy and technology consulting for Generative AI

As an Associate Partner at AdEx Partners, I focus on the challenges and opportunities presented by the use of Generative AI (GenAI). With over twenty years of experience in customer centricity, I specialize in the disruptive effects and potential that GenAI offers to businesses and society. My expertise includes the identification and management of suitable GenAI use cases and their practical testing, always in line with the dynamic technological development.

Following an extensive career as an engineer with in-depth IT knowledge, especially in senior positions at renowned consulting companies such as Accenture, I have specialized in strategic consulting and implementation of LLM and other GenAI solutions based on deep learning. My goal is to enable companies to grow sustainably and secure competitive advantages with the help of AI/GenAI.

I support my clients in developing strategies to exploit the full potential of AI/GenAI and assist them in the seamless integration of these technologies into existing systems and processes. In doing so, my focus is on sustainable transformation in the areas of customer centricity, IT, architecture and technology as well as data value management and business model transformation.

My credo "Do not give right answers, pose the right questions" underlines my conviction that the value of LLM and other GenAI solutions can be maximized by asking the right questions. I am passionate about pursuing technological innovations and transforming them into value-adding solutions for my clients.

I have been with AdEx Partners since the beginning of 2021 and live in the Rhine-Main area. In my free time, I enjoy skiing, hiking and golf.

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  • Strategy and technology consulting for Generative AI
  • Project management and leadership of GenAI projects
  • Integration of AI/GenAI into existing IT infrastructures
  • Conception and development of GenAI use cases
  • Application of enterprise architecture principles with the inclusion of GenAI
  • Promotion of innovation through AI/GenAI-based process optimization


  • Automotive
  • Communication & High Tech
  • Manufacturing
  • Professional Services
  • Transport & Logistics


  • Graduate engineer in mechanical engineering
  • In-depth understanding of GenAI technologies
  • Many years of experience in digital transformation
  • Specialized in the integration of AI/GenAI into enterprise architectures