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Your Trusted Advisor

I joined AdEx Partners as COO in May 2024. I see myself as a trusted advisor for employees and the leadership team on the topic of operational excellence.

My motivation is to contribute to the further development of AdEx Partners as an organization and to enable growth at fair margins.

With my credo "Embrace Change!", I support the expansion of efficient and effective processes, integrated structures, create transparency and drive the integration of the system landscape. Doing so in the spirit of holistic transformation and maintaining our AdEx Partners DNA, which is characterized by entrepreneurship, transparency and agility TOGETHER.

My professional roots lie in the financial sector. After graduating in economics, I initially worked as a financial controller in a manufacturing company before joining McKinsey & Company around 20 years ago. Starting as Finance Manager of the German office, I later became CFO for a business unit that focused on innovation, particularly in the area of digital & analytics, etc. Most recently, I built up a global pricing team. Throughout my time in Finance, the main focus was always on processes, structures and operational excellence as enablers of growth.

I now hope that my experience and knowledge of best practices will help us at AdEx Partners to get to the next S-Curve.