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Your Trusted Advisor

In 2021, I have joined the marketing team at AdEx Partners as a Marketing & Communication Expert. I very much enjoy taking on different roles and developing myself, I like to work on many different projects and create added value.

As a PhD in molecular biotechnology, I like logical connections and want to understand "things". I discovered my passion for marketing and communication as the managing director of a graduate school at the Technical University of Munich. At a biotech start-up, I was able to get to know a broad spectrum of marketing in a very practical way and have tried out different approaches.

For me, marketing must align the clear vision of the company with the needs of the market. In my eyes, successful marketing involves jointly aligning business actions and decisions based on these needs. In addition, the recognition of possible changes and the finding of solutions is a constant challenge for marketing. If not only the customers, but also the team are equally involved through appropriate communication, the marketing & communication team has done a good job.

My stay abroad in Shanghai provided me a lot of additional experience, which I also use in my everyday life in Germany. In project management at an initially German company, which was then bought by an American company, I learned a lot about cultural differences as well as change management. Whether you're a woman or a man doesn't really matter in China. However, there were enough other challenges, and these were only partly linguistic. Communication, openness and tolerance are important – whether you want to mediate between disciplines, between cultures or between genders.

I work pragmatically and solution-oriented as part of a team and my contacts appreciate my enthusiasm as well as my positive attitude and integrity. In my TED Talk, I give an insight into my "Big Five"! These are the 5 goals I want to achieve in life.

What I do to live the life I want | Petra Dorfner | TEDxTUM - YouTube