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Your Trusted Advisor

I am fascinated by change and the opportunities it provides. My motto is "Love it, change it or leave it".

At AdEx Partners, I am responsible for the People and Organization portfolios. While People Centric Transformation places the employee at the heart of entrepreneurial action, Organizational Transformation focuses on modern corporate structures and working methods. Both areas are an integral success factor for any transformation. 

I am a transformation coach, organizational sparring partner, facilitator, mediator and consultant in complex and challenging corporate initiatives. As a senior advisor for holistic solutions, I also support business-critical changes at all levels.

For 30 years I have been working in change and transformation management and for more than 20 years in consulting and coaching for large corporations and medium-sized companies. In addition to my consulting experience, I have also gained industry expertise at SAP, Telekom and HARIBO.

My primary goal in every project is to develop the best solution together with my clients and to implement it sustainably, even if that means putting my finger in the wound. 

I live in Bonn and wherever my customers are at home.


  • Transformation management  
  • Disruptive change management  
  • Agile corporate coaching 
  • Change Leadership & Cultural Change  
  • Team Performance & Well Being  
  • New Ways of Working 
  • Organizational Design  
  • Target Operating Model  
  • Crisis Management 
  • Human Resources / Talent Management  
  • Organizational Psychology 
  • Purpose & Strategy Validation 
  • Corporate Social Responsibility 
  • Business Mediation 
  • Program Governance 
  • Large Group Facilitation 
  • Workforce Planning & Skills  
  • Digitalization


  • Cross Industrie


  • Ph.D. in Management and Business Administration
  • Master in Industrial and Organizational Psychology
  • Executive Coach
  • Change Professional
  • Agile Enterprise Coach
  • Business Mediator
  • Mental Coach
  • Crisis Manager
  • OKR Coach
  • Professional training as paramedic