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Organizations need to ensure they successfully manage their way into the 4th generation of ERP systems which will be determined by the usage of different Enterprise Business Capabilities rather than one monolithic ERP system.

In parallel, digitalization fundamentally changes the ways we work and do business together. Therefore, enterprises of all industries are nowadays forced to master the shift to the digital way of doing business.

Nourishing roots and strong trunk for splendid foliage and plenty of yield

The digital transformation means more than just bringing your business on a new technical ERP platform or making sure your KPIs can be accessed via your mobile phone.

The digital business is nowadays seen as the holistic digital representation of a companies‘ value added chain. Therefore, the proportion and integration of multiple components is key to guide your company on its digital journey.

Like a tree can only grow in case its roots are anchored stable into the soil and it needs a solid trunk to ensure branches can grow properly to enable leaves and fruits to develop, your digital transformation needs to be well-balanced and nurtured as well.

The Concept of the AdEx Digital Tree

In order to help your company understand if it is well-equipped on its digital journey, AdEx Partners proposes the concept of the AdEx Digital Tree.

With the help of the concept we are aiming to support you in assessing how mature your company is - within the tree components described below - to ensure your digital tree is well-balanced: 
The roots of the digital tree stand for the technical capabilities needed as a foundation for your digital solution – in this tree component you define your technical platform strategy. With the help of the roots, the tree is fixed into the ground – in other words, you define the technical capabilities to be able to establish a solid and robust platform.  
Having anchored the tree into the ground by establishing the critical technical capabilities, a next step is to define the data basis of the digital solution, which stands for the soil on which the digital tree will grow.

Here, it is vital to understand data requirements and defining the governance processes to be able to deal with your data set efficiently.

By now the digital tree has a solid and robust technology and data foundation – next is a trunk which is providing your digital tree with clear E2E processes to build and sustain a fruitful as well as prosperous tree, leveraging the opportunities of your technology and data platform. 

Whilst the focus of the digital tree was on the definition of a technology and data platform as well as the E2E processes so far, it will now shift to the branches and leaves which are rather people-oriented and stand for the skill sets and soft people factors your organization needs to encounter. In this area, it is vital to choose correct resources and provide those with the right training, leadership and culture to create value for your company.

Finally, you need to take care that your digital tree generates fruits attractive for your clients in order to help your organization create further value by defining and selecting the right digital use cases for your tree to prosper. 

Through years of managing global transformational programs and projects, AdEx provides a deep understanding of global ERP projects and due to our ability to pair this with a digital native skillset, we can help to assess your digital maturity based on our concept of the AdEx Digital Tree. 


The AdEx Digital Tree

A transformation guideline to your digital journey

Download PDF — 2 MB


Has your organization already created its digital tree? What shall your organization do to ensure the different components of the digital tree are balanced and in the appropriate proportions so that it can even grow further?

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