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Digital change as opportunity

In addition to the actual digitization - the massive use of disruptive technologies that need to be integrated with each other - the challenges of the digital transformation result in particular from the need for a stronger customer focus and the use of new, agile methodologies and approaches. In order to be able to take advantage of the competitive advantages, new markets and optimized recruiting conditions arising from digital transformation, suitable strategies are required, based on the digital maturity level of the company.

However, the constant implementation of measures and the creation of a willingness to change among all employees is also crucial. We support you in the development of strategy AND its implementation.

Digitization consulting and implementation accompaniment

Digitalization has arrived. Now it is a matter of implementing it sensibly and using it to your own advantage. Digital technologies have a lasting impact on our economy and society. Habits and needs in everyday life, private and business, are changing and new demands are emerging. Corporate structures and the entire value chain must adapt to this - and can draw new potential from it.

The Digital Transformation defines the process of the continuous development of digital technologies and the corresponding ways of thinking for their use. The possibilities for digitization in companies are almost unlimited. From the transformation of analog business processes to the development of independent digital product lines.

With the right digital strategy, you can increase the company value in a sustainable and long-term manner

The big challenge for companies: where to start and how to continue? With an individually developed digital strategy, a target-oriented and applicable roadmap can be defined that maps an evolutionary development for digital maturity. AdEx not only has a long and very balanced wealth of experience in the field of digitization, but also has proven tools to support it, such as a Digital Maturity Assessment for rapid identification of the digital maturity level in companies. No matter whether you are still at the very beginning of the digital transformation or have already implemented diverse structures, we start where you are now.

Our support does not end with the development of your digital roadmap. With AdEx Partners, you also have a partner at your side for the implementation of the roadmap. We support our clients in both agile approaches and in the program management of digital transformation projects, ensuring that a well thought-out strategy and roadmap is followed by successful implementation. We can act as an integral part of your team, both in theoretical consulting and practical implementation.


This is what we will achieve together with you (and even more):

  • Definition of strategies, roadmaps and digital business models
  • Development of hybrid models from waterfall to agile for a successful transformation 
  • Design Thinking
  • Development of new business models
  • Agile Maturity Assessment
  • Development of Digital Operating Models and Digital Enterprise Architecture
  • Implementation of a digital mindset and cultural coaching
  • Support for Digital Transformation Programs
  • Agile Leadership Coaching
  • Agile Project Management

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