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Every company is managing somehow user authentication and authorization in a global environment. But how to ensure security and compliance regulations while provisioning and de-provisioning access rights at the right time? How to support these processes with workflow and approval automated functionalities?

Identity and Access Management covers these questions and provides process frameworks and tools to handle identities and access rights in a robust and compliant way. There are numerous definitions about Identity and Access Management, but we suggest the following:

“Identity and Access Management (IAM) is the discipline that enables the right individuals to access the right resources at the right times for the right reasons.”

Identity Lifecyle Management triggered by Human Resources

Identity Lifecycle in a company usually encompasses several steps which are initiated by HR events.

All these are accompanied by operational challenges ….

Why should you consider Identity & Access Management for your enterprise?



Our Approach: From IAM Vision to IAM Solution Selection

Before starting with a classic Application Implementation Kick-off session for implementing an Identity and Access Management Solution it is crucial to first start with an IAM Program Initiation Phase.

After having setup the Program, defining an IAM Vision is usually the first step which is about interviewing stakeholders to understand their perspectives on IAM-related pain points and opportunities. By conducting workshops, you create a consensus for the program's scope, objectives and priorities before finally the vision is developed based on workshop outcomes.

Creating an IAM vision is crucial for an IAM Program because you need to get necessary funding & leadership support for the IAM program. The IAM vision must reflect the expectations of stakeholders. An equal share of responsibility take risk-, security- and compliance management leaders.

Following the IAM Vision, an IAM Roadmap is essential to describe how and when the objectives from the IAM vision will be realized in the future. This includes estimation of program budget, necessary organization, and resources. The roadmap also comprises of defined golden rules, dependencies, and risks for the program.

A transparent view on the current state is crucial for defining the future state architecture. After Analyzing the current state of architecture & services a reflection of defined capabilities and services takes place. The final step is then developing a high-level future state architecture.

The IAM vision, the IAM roadmap and IAM architecture feed into the business case as “stakeholder needs”. After developing business case structure and metrics the final step is to enable Sponsor and achieve Stakeholder alignment to get the IAM program approved.

Our comprehensive approach at-a-glance:

Why should you engage AdEx Partners?

Independent Advisor

As independent advisor we recommend the best solution(s) fitting your requirements following the best interest of our clients. 

Relevance & Expertise in the IAM Program Lifecycle

We provide comprehensive relevance & expertise in all stages of an IAM program: From vision, roadmap, architecture and business case to implementation of concrete IAM initiatives.

We share experience from many customer projects in the area of IAM and GRC.

IAM Reference and Capability Framework

We provide a leading IAM Reference and Capability Framework which supports our customers to:

  • break up the complex and multi-dimensional IAM subject into smaller elements
  • support communication and alignment with different stakeholders, having different level of expertise
  • reduce identity management costs and, more importantly, become significantly more agile in supporting new business initiatives

Project Management Expertise

Strong and proven IAM Project Management expertise supports delivery in time and budget with high quality (waterfall, hybrid, agile).

Downloads / Videos / Materials

The AdEx Partners “IAM Flyer”

From an IAM Vision over a Roadmap to a Business Case

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AdEx Partners "IAM Video"

Watch our videos on Identity & Access Management 


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