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Enable company growth

Initiated by a variety of factors, such as the need for new technologies, expansion into new markets and industries or business realignment, well planned and implemented M&A processes help ensure long-term and sustainable corporate success. Even without a concrete trigger, it is, therefore, advisable to include corporate transactions in the overall strategy.

With the right strategy and the implementation of processes specifically for digital business models, Merger & Acquisition transactions can be established as drivers of innovation and growth.

Mergers & Acquisitions as a pillar of sustainable corporate strategies

M&A activities have always been an important pillar of global growth strategies and sustainable corporate development. However, with the advance of digital technologies, the conditions for mergers and acquisitions strategies and capabilities are changing. The transformation of the value chain, combined with the disruptive nature of technological trends, is forcing companies to position themselves in increasingly complex markets with rapidly varying requirements. In this context, mergers and acquisitions are a crucial instrument for implementing corporate strategy and transformation processes.

The ability and willingness to change as a success factor

Long-term successful companies such as Siemens, BASF or Roche attribute their success not least to the continuous reorganization through partial sales of business units and subsidiaries. Before the sale, a separation of the parts of the company or divisions, a carve-out, must take place. Even if time, organisation and cost factors are sometimes very complex, it is certainly rewarding to make the necessary efforts - as the above examples show.

AdEx Partners combines all necessary competencies and has proven success in national and international Mergers & Acquisition projects. With our pragmatic approach, we are at your side as consultants, implementers, and supporters for the preparation and successful implementation of your M&A projects.


Together with you, we will achieve this – and even more:

  • IT Due Diligence
  • M&A and carve-out implementation planning (focus on IT and finance)
  • M&A and carve-out program management
  • M&A and carve-out implementation (focus on IT and finance)

Your contact persons

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Dr. Steffen Wendsche Business Carve-Out und Standalone, IT in M&A
Stephan Nelles Carve-out Preparation & Execution, Post-Merger Integration, Finance & IT Standalone Readiness
Dirk Becker IT Due Diligence, IT Carve-out, Separation and Divestiture Execution, IT Pre- and Post-Merger Integration