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Making the world a bit better - that's what happens at our annual AdEx Partners Digital Bootcamp. Experts share their experience and knowledge with those who would otherwise not be able to afford it. 

Many non-profit organizations and social enterprises do extraordinary things and give their best to address grievances in the world. Many non-profit organizations and social enterprises do extraordinary things and give their best to address grievances in the world. Often, every penny is invested specifically to keep administrative costs as low as possible. All of this is done with the intention of achieving the highest possible social impact. Under the seemingly endless mountain of work distributed to a few employees, internal processes, IT infrastructure or long-term strategy issues can quickly suffer. There is not enough time for this, and best practices are hardly known.  

For this reason, for more than four years now, AdEx Partners has based its CSR activities on the principle of "Skilled Volunteering". Ferdinand Weiss, founder of AdEx Partners, sums it up as follows: "It creates little added value to send ten consultants to a kindergarten to repaint walls. However, when our consultants pass on their extensive experience so that organizations can become even more effective in their core business, we have a great leverage effect.

For the Digital Bootcamp, non-profit organizations and social enterprises can apply directly with a specific challenge. A jury discusses the applications and votes for the five projects that will be invited to the bootcamp. Special thanks to our network partners Ashoka Germany, the analysis and consulting company Phineo gAG as well as the Social Entrepreneurship Academy, who diligently advertise the Bootcamp. This year, the following winners were selected: 

Despite rising COVID19-incidences this year, the team does not let itself be slowed down and organizes a hybrid bootcamp day to reduce travel across Germany. At the kick-off event, the teams work on the various challenges with a lot of interaction. But even though a lot has already been accomplished after this day, the pro bono consulting does not stop there. "We know that the information can be overwhelming after one day, and we risk our performance evaporating if we don't also support implementation in the medium term," explains Timo Ströbel, CSR lead at AdEx Partners. "That's why the consultant teams don't disappear after the one bootcamp day but accompany and advise the organizations over a period of three months.

Last week, the kick-off workshop took place and all participants already sum up very positively:

DURING the bootcamp is already BEFORE the next bootcamp.

Non-profit organizations can already register their interest to participate in the next bootcamp by sending an email to CSR@adexpartners.com. They will then be informed when the next call for applications is held. Main organizer of the Digital Bootcamp Stefanie Hämmerl is pleased: "AdEx-internally the interest is large: Within very short time, 15% of the staff has signed up to advise organizations in addition to their already busy workday! We will not get tired of doing good and are already looking forward to exciting organizations that we may support next year."