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How will we live in 2030? What role does Germany play in the age of "artificial intelligence"? And what limits do algorithms need? We will get to the bottom of these questions together with the other participants of this year's ada Fellowship program. Within the framework of an exciting agenda, 11 AdEx ada Fellows will find answers to achieve a common goal: to transform the land of poets and thinkers into a society of digital pioneers.

Because the future is already here! And since our foundation in 2012 we have been helping to shape it: For our customers, our partners and for our employees. And this is the reason why we decided to participate this year in the ada-Fellowship Program 2020 to discuss and develop innovative solutions together with the other participants. Our goal: A platform and digital education offensive for Germany - inspiring, involving and motivating. Jointly supported by business, science, media, politics and administration.

The content on this page reflects the experience of the AdEx Partners Fellows and is not officially from ada | fellowship. The official ada Fellowship page can be called up directly at the following link: ada Fellowship.

Agenda of this year's ada Fellowship

Monthly focus topics on future skills form the framework of the program and our ada Learning Journey 2020. ada team and partners from the digital education sector - including the Hasso Plattner Institute and Code University - accompany our AdEx Fellows through an interdisciplinary, in-service program. Here we will learn more about the most important future technologies, their application potential and the transfer to the digital change in our own organization.

Follow us in our monthly elaboration on exciting key topics, directly here or via our social media channels. As soon as available, we will activate the individual topics.

Insights into the logic of computer-aided thinking and programming

Algorithms - MORE FROM JULY 2020

Without really noticing it, algorithms have become an integral part of our lives. Whether in the calculation of travel times via Google Maps, shopping in online shops or even in daily work on the computer. Algorithms are everywhere. Don't you think so? Then ask "Alexa". In general, the way such programs think and work is very abstract and often difficult to understand. That's why a thematic focus will be set here and the Fellows will gain insights into the logic of algorithms, since they are omnipresent in the age of the digital world. 

Reflection on moral dilemmas, ethical responsibility and privacy in the digital age

Ethics - MORE FROM AUGUST 2020

The possibilities that we have and will have in areas such as digitalization or artificial intelligence far exceed what we as a society have been able to imagine so far. The first thing we think about when we think about these topics is the information technology behind them. However, it is especially the societal, social and ethical questions and problems that result from it. We have to deal with the moral dilemmas of the digital age and find answers to questions like the question of guilt in accidents with self-driving cars. 

New methods for creative problem solving


We live in a rapidly and continuously changing world. Things that seem normal to us today are already outdated tomorrow. For us as a company and as employees it is essential to adapt to new circumstances again and again. In fast, regular cycles we try new things, experiment and be creative - that's what we understand by agility. The user, in whatever area and me in whatever form, is at the centre of everything we do. We look forward to getting to know existing and new methods. 

exercises for meditation, digital minimalism and information management

Mindfulness - MORE FROM OCTOBER 2020

We live in a time of flooding. We are flooded with stimuli, information and impressions in an unprecedented mass. It is difficult to concentrate on the essential. It is difficult to prioritize and filter out what is relevant for oneself and others. This applies to both the private and professional environment. We look forward to learning methods that allow us to reflect on the use of our resources. It's all about the right use of technology and information and also to pause and give up. 

Insights into the history, applications and potentials of artificial intelligence

Artificial Intelligence - MORE FROM NOVEMBER 2020

Artificial intelligence is one of the driving themes of the digital world. It is certainly not a new topic. However, with the possibilities offered by digitalization and modern information technology, it takes on a completely different significance. It is about recognizing the potential that artificial intelligence offers us and using it sensibly. We are looking forward to developing our own position on this topic. Especially with a view to moral and ethical aspects. 

Tools for the transformation of organizations

Cultural change - MORE FROM DECEMBER 2020

The topic of "change management" is essential not only with the beginning of the digital age. Preparing organizations for change and applying the right and helpful tools is the topic of this learning module. Changes are often slowed down by complexity. We will get to know strategies that enable us to improve our communication and drive change. 

Tools to understand data-based forecasting, data visualization and data ownership


Today there is probably no industry and no area in which data and information are not generated in masses. So even in areas like agriculture data is produced and used to work automated and data-optimized. But we see, if at all, at most the tip of the data iceberg. Most data remains unused, but offers immense potential. It's about recognizing and exploiting the potential that data provides for predictions, decisions and analysis.  

Strategies for entrepreneurial behaviour within the organisation and the adaptation of business models

Innovation Management - MORE FROM FEBRUARY 2021

Recognizing and promoting potential within the company requires professional innovation management. It is about taking over leadership and transforming these potentials into new business fields. We look forward to getting to know the necessary processes to discover ideas and to promote innovation. 

Strategies to reduce prejudice and promote inclusion

Diversity - MORE FROM MARCH 2021

Adapting to change requires a personal and entrepreneurial openness. Openness to diversity promotes diversity and the ability to be creative. Closeness on the other hand slows down processes and change cycles. We will learn how diversity leads to increased productivity and success. 

Exercises for emphatic, adaptive leadership and to promote resilience

Personal leadership - MORE FROM MAY 2021

We as individuals are the real driving force behind digitisation. We need the ability to constantly face new tasks and changes. We look forward to learning methods that will allow us to adapt to these changes and to take responsibility. 

Insights into revolutionary technical advances and groundbreaking discoveries

New Technologies - MORE FROM APRIL 2021

Today, we apply technologies that were still in the stars a few decades ago. Just as difficult as we had a hard time in 1980 predicting the technologies that determine our everyday life today, we have a hard time predicting the technologies of the future we will be confronted with in 2050. We will not look into a crystal ball, but together with the other participants we will gain insights into new technologies and discoveries and discuss potential applications. 

Why ada?

Guided by the ada team and experienced partners from the digital education sector - including the Hasso Plattner Institute and Code University - the AdEx fellows go through an interdisciplinary, in-service program in which they learn more about the most important future technologies, their application potential and the transfer to digital change in their organizations.

In addition to digital skills, the ada Fellowship is primarily about community and learning from each other. The fellows work on joint projects in various teams. At our live events, they have the opportunity to learn from the leading personalities and designers of tomorrow's world. On-site and in live video coaching sessions they are supported by our learning guides and coaches.


Identify, evaluate and explain key technological trends and changes that affect your organization.

Apply what you have learned and transfer it to new contexts in your own organisation.

Develop and test prototypical solutions for real challenges in your own organization.

To build a network of thought leaders and jointly drive forward transformation processes.

Question one's own attitudes towards digital change, transformation and existing learning concepts.

Our team at the ada Fellowship Program

Porträtfoto von Carsten Kracht
Carsten Kracht I am very excited about the exchange with Fellows from other companies on future topics and the network that will develop out of it.
Porträtfoto von Ferdinand Weiß
Ferdinand Weiß The ada Fellowship Program offers a great opportunity to take another step towards a "digital Germany" together with program participants from other companies.
Porträtfoto von Alexandra Berling
Alexandra Berling I love changes and challenges. And I am very happy about the opportunity to be inspired, to exchange ideas and to understand the challenges of the future together with the ada Fellows.
Porträtfoto von Stefan Bronzel
Stefan Bronzel I look forward to embarking on this learning journey together with the other ada Fellows and to integrating the findings into my everyday life with my clients.
Porträtfoto von Dr. Steffen Wendsche
Steffen Wendsche I love change. I am happy to get to know the other fellows strategies and methods for the successful implementation of digital transformation.
Porträtfoto von Christian Noelle
Christian Noelle I am very excited about an exciting journey with the ada Fellows and I am looking forward to being taken out of the comfort zone together.
Porträtfoto von Andreas Zschimmer
Andreas Zschimmer I am particularly looking forward to new perspectives and the exchange with Fellows on how to successfully accompany a cultural change towards greater agility in companies.
Porträtfoto von Chrstian Friedrichs
Christian Friedrichs Today already the tomorrow stall. I look forward to discussions with the Ada Fellows about how we will shape our future.
Porträtfoto von Marcus Hodel
Marcus Hodel "Whoever only does what he can already do will always stay who he is." - so off to the ada-future!
Porträtfoto von Christoph Schenk
Christoph Schenk I am looking forward to exchanging ideas with the other ada Fellows and, from now on, to actively shaping the future and related topics!
Katinka Kusch
Katinka Kusch Going on a learning journey together with other ada fellows to 'understand tomorrow today'. What a fantastic opportunity! I am really looking forward to the cross-industry exchange and inspiration.