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Motivation, knowledge, passion - our most important assets

AdEx Partners is a "hands-on company". The passion, motivation, knowledge and skills of our employees are our most important "assets". That is why we create an environment in which participation is possible and encouraged.

Despite our increasing size, we want to continue to offer our employees a home and maintain a familiar atmosphere with one another.

We want to bundle knowledge and innovation in order to continuously expand the service we offer our customers. Every employee should have the opportunity to develop AdEx Partners further and to position them on the market.

We face these challenges.

Our answer: The AdEx Partners Hoods concept

We at AdEx Partners have developed and implemented the “Hood Concept”.

Hoods are independent organizational units that employees can set up independently. This allows everyone to take up and develop topics together with other colleagues. These can be content-related matters that support AdEx's external growth, but also areas that aim to further develop our internal organization. In this way, we encourage the initiative and personal responsibility of all employees and consistently pursue our endeavors to be a "hands-on organization".

In order to create a framework and implement the concept without rigid rules and regulations, we launched the “Mother Hood”. This is particularly helpful when trying to walk with a new hood and offers employees support if necessary. When founding a Hood, the intended goals and planned activities to implement the Hood goals are discussed. Possible interactions between the Hood and the areas of personnel development, recruiting, networks, and marketing and sales should also be shown. In this way, we create commitment without making large specifications. It is very important to us that the goals and working methods of each hood are independently designed by the members.

The Hoods can have very different objectives. At Hoods, one of our growth goals is the development of the service portfolio, an industry or a customer, or the growth of a region. Internal projects are about positioning ourselves well for future challenges and constantly developing. The sense of community is strengthened within the Community Hoods and we simply have fun, whether with sailing, regulars or special activities.

Hoods give us the opportunity to remain a flexible and self-learning organization. All employees can contribute without rigid top-down structures. In this way, AdEx Partners can react flexibly to market dynamics. We advance our services and our market positioning and develop, we give our employees a home and offer them the opportunity to develop professionally and personally.

A look at two of our hoods

Coaching Hood develops mentor-mentee process

This hood brings together people from the HR team and consultants who have set themselves the goal of improving our internal coaching program. For this purpose, feedback was obtained through a survey and, based on this, measures were developed that are implemented step by step. There is now, for example, training for the coaches as well as more precise role descriptions. In addition, mentor and mentee tools are provided with which they can plan and control personal development in the best possible way.

Change & Transformation Hood as a relevant portfolio topic

Some Hoods take up topics that are relevant to our positioning as Trusted Advisor. One example is the Change & Transformation Hood. In this hood, the members have developed a change management concept for AdEx Partners, which is used on projects and in acquisition. The Hood deals continuously with the topic and is available to the organization as a knowledge carrier. The atmosphere in the hood is characterized by the exchange of experience and knowledge. Contents are developed and made available to all employees through “Skills & More” events.

A dedicated team and 40 hoods

We look forward to more than 40 hoods on a wide variety of topics. Some Hoods have already developed methods, tools and processes relevant to the market. Other hoods contribute every day to making our internal organization more exciting, interesting and efficient.

We always see the issues, time management and communication as a challenge during implementation. How can employees be given sufficient time to work in the hoods? How do we communicate and document the results of the individual hoods and thus ensure the transfer of knowledge? But we are also happy to face these challenges.

The success of the concept rests on the commitment of the employees. We, as AdEx Partners, create framework conditions that allow ideas to be developed and implemented alongside a challenging day-to-day work. This is an important pillar of our corporate culture and we definitely want to keep it that way. That is why we are constantly developing our concept.


Would you like to find out more and help shape it? Would you like to share your experience in developing internal organizations with us? We look forward to exchanging ideas.

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