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AdEx Partners was formally founded on March 6, 2012 with the entry in the Hamburg Commercial Register. The AdEx story began with the vision of becoming a "Trusted Advisor" for companies and supporting our clients with an experienced and highly qualified team in the management of complex, global and forward-looking projects.

In spring 2013, the first employees were hired, and by the end of 2013 there were seven employees. By the way, the name of the company came from Advisory Excellence! The business idea was confirmed by a turnover of almost one million euros in the first business year.

By the end of 2014, we already had 20 highly qualified people in the AdEx team. At the same time, we at AdEx Partners saw ourselves as a partnership in the classic sense from the very beginning and we have remained so to this day. Teamwork, mutual support and networking has become the key to AdEx Partners' success. We have never lost sight of our quality standards.

We have lost nothing of our start-up character. However, we are continuing to professionalise our internal processes and are starting to rent office space and build up our back office. In addition, divisions such as the "Marketing & Communications" team are being created.

In 2016, we are already successfully involved in projects for 40 different clients. For this purpose, we are now represented with local offices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland and plan to expand into other European countries in the medium term.

On 6 March 2017, we celebrate our 5th birthday. With a team of now more than 80 permanent and freelance employees, we provide our clients with excellent quality, which we want to continue to increase. In addition to location-based expansion, another focus is on opening up additional industries, such as the financial services and insurance sectors.

This year we also specialise in IT and technology-related areas and found AdEx Solutions. The focus here is clearly on topics such as cloud and technical workplaces. We are also positioning ourselves more and more in the area of corporate social responsibility and are involved in the digitalisation of food rescue and distribution at the Tafel.

From the beginning, AdEx Partners has been a participatory company. Despite increasing size, we want to continue to offer our employees a home and maintain a family-like approach to each other. To this end, we are developing and implementing the "Hood Concept" in 2019. We are also launching the Social Bootcamp this year, with which we are successfully implementing the Skilled Volunteering approach of AdEx Corporate Responsibility.

CORONA - does it really have any place in our corporate history?

We think so: the pandemic is also changing our everyday working life drastically. Together, we are preparing for the new circumstances and are well prepared from the start. After all, we can still celebrate a great kick-off in Hamburg at the beginning of 2020, where our new website will also be presented. Another highlight is that we will be named a "Hidden Champion" of the consulting industry for the first time this year. 

The pandemic continues to keep us on our toes. Remarkable: Despite the difficult, completely changed circumstances, we are able to achieve excellent business results and continue to grow both in turnover, profit and in our staff numbers. We experience the excellent AdEx Partners spirit, thank God, once again at one of our summer festivals in Warnemünde.

On March 6, 2022 we celebrate 10 years of AdEx Partners!

We have not lost any of our spirit. We now have more than 170 employees and look back on the last 10 years with pride. We are ready for the challenges. Beginning last year, we have jointly defined our company purpose: "Empowering leading organisations to shape the digital future of Europe".

Our vision and mission: Trusted Leader of Business Transformation by leading and catalyzing tailor-made transformations based on deep relationships!

Our clients see us as leaders and partners of choice to successfully shape their transformation together. We are Trusted Advisors - we empower and inspire our clients in their transformation to achieve their strategic goals. Business transformation means for us fundamental changes in all dimensions of value creation of companies and organizations. We understand the term holistically, meaning it encompasses all aspects of our clients' business, including IT, and we aim to support our clients in all areas. To achieve our vision, we need the best team with the right skillset. Together with our strategic partner Capvis, we are able to drive our growth while remaining an independent trusted advisor to our customers.

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In the video we describe our self-image and our values as Trusted Advisor.

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