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Your Trusted Advisor

I dream of a world where humanity thrives in harmony with nature, where every organization is a catalyst for positive change.

At AdEx Partners I work on sustainability consulting and our corporate responsibility.

Through sustainability consulting we guide companies on their journey to an ecologically safe, socially just and economically successful future. This sustainability journey can range from the management and reporting of ESG data to the implementation of effective sustainability measures.

With respect to corporate responsibility, we pursue a very impact-oriented approach at AdEx partners. I advise non-profit organizations and social enterprises on digital transformation and organize initiatives through which we as AdEx Partners make a positive contribution to society and the environment, such as our yearly Digital Bootcamp.

My strengths lie in (agile) project and process management, keeping an overview and connecting the dots to develop step-by-step solutions to complex challenges.

Join me in the movement to transform the way we think about and operate organizations, and let's create a world where everyone can flourish.