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Your Trusted Advisor

As a thought leader for data analytics, AI & machine learning at AdEx Partners I support our clients and my colleagues in becoming more data driven and focused on realizing the value of data.

Every week I dedicate time to talk to our clients on their respective needs & pain points. This involves discussing new trends and best practices but also concrete technical problems they face with AI & Machine Learning, cloud architecture, data quality, and organizational issues. My experience as a leader of analytics teams, business analyst, data scientist, and project manager helps me to quickly relate myself into a situation where our clients are in to effectively & efficiently provide guidance.
Typical exercises include among others: data & analytics strategy, implementation of a data & analytics platform, AI use cases, data quality, and interim management of analytics departments.

I joined AdEx in 2019 as an Associate Partner after an extensive career as a trusted advisor in business intelligence and data analytics project across various industries. Together with my colleagues I have had the privilege to successfully transform and improve many international organization’s data & analytics capabilities as an SME and project manager.
More recently I have been supporting our clients with their ESG sustainability initiatives, covering all aspects around data integration, processing, and analytics. Being able to help organizations not only to become more data driven and customer centric but also helping them fulfill their broader responsibilities in our society makes me satisfied and optimistic on our future.

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  • Data analytics and business intelligence
  • Digitalization / digital transformation
  • International (multi-) project management
  • Hybrid agile development


  • IT & Professional Services
  • Financial Services
  • Energy & Utilities
  • Automotive
  • Aviation
  • Defense / Military
  • Pharma