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Successfully shaping the transformations of the financial world

In the complex world of financial services, AdEx Partners stands for trust and senior expertise. We have been successfully supporting our customers from banks, capital markets and insurance companies in their transformation projects for years and help them to implement challenging projects safely and successfully. 

We provide comprehensive support in the areas of change management, cloud, sourcing, infrastructure and operations. We develop solution concepts for financial services-specific topics such as Risk & Regulatory, Customer Centricity, Digital Assets, ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance).

Our service portfolio lies in the following focus areas:

Industry expertise

Services in the area of banks & financial service providers

Our services in the field of banking and financial services are tailored to the following industry segments 

  • Retail Banking und Consumer Finance 
  • Payments 
  • Corporate Banking 
  • Captive Finance 
  • Fintechs 

Here we offer you with our services customized solutions for the challenges of

  • Regulatory
  • Uncertain geopolitical environment
  • Technological change
  • Competitive pressure
  • Skills shortage

We as AdEx-Trusted Advisors are the sparring partner at your side to master these challenges together with you!

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Services in the area of capital markets

  • We support our customers in the area of capital markets:
    • Investment banks and capital market divisions of universal banks
    • Asset and Wealth Manager
    • Stock exchanges, securities settlement organizations and transaction banks
  • AdEx Partners' clients benefit from holistic consulting to be prepared for the determining current challenges:
    • Volatile markets
    • Increased interest rate level
    • Market consolidation and pressure on margins and costs, trend towards specialization
    • Speed of technological development
    • Provision of services for increasingly ecologically/socially aware and regulated markets

As a Trusted Advisor, we stand by our customers as a long-term partner with experience and expertise.

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Insurance services

Our insurance services are tailored to the following industry sectors 

  • Primary insurance and reinsurance
  • Industrial insurance
  • Insurtechs

Here we offer you with our services tailor-made solutions for the challenges of

  • Further development of business models with the cultural shift from classic product centricity to customer centricity 
  • Aligning and transforming process and technology landscapes for the future 
  • Developing the appropriate data-driven product, process and sales channel strategies
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Your benefits - why do our customers choose AdEx Partners?

Trusted Advisor

Strong client orientation: Acting and advising entirely aligned with our client’s needs and strategy

True and honest advice to provide the optimal solution, evaluate alternative options, and assess associated risks

Being sparring partners and coaches to empower our clients in achieving their targets.

Strive to have a deep understanding of our client‘s needs & priorities by nurturing enduring long-term relationships

Expertise & Exellence

On average consultants with more than 13 years of professional experience

Leveraging our extensive industry and in-line expertise, we provide valuable advisory and guidance to clients, assisting them in informed decision-making

Extensively skilled in managing transformation projects

Best-in-class service excellence validated by numerous awards and positive client testimonials



One Team

Collaborative approach: Our collaborative approach emphasizes client proximity, allowing us to work hand-in-hand with our customers in their project roles and scopes.

Seamless integration into the client's team for a designated period, ensuring a smooth project launch

Having a deep understanding of business complexity mixed with excellent IT expertise, we effectively bridge the gap between both worlds

Strong industry acumen

Extensive record of successful projects delivered over the past decade

Having served clients from diverse industries, we possess in-depth insights and profound expertise in understanding their unique challenges

Individual solution

Dynamic work approaches in times of change with more flexibility and optimized use of resources

Reduction of complexity, structuring and efficient transformation based on the respective circumstances and situations

Pragmatic approach

Expertise to define, set up, and manage transformations effectively, to achieve targets on time and within budget

Take responsibility for project success by actively enabling, fostering collaboration, and involving all teams

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