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Data Value Management Insights

Maximize your data treasure

In our era of digitalization, data is a valuable resource for companies in all sectors. Most people are aware of this in theory, but not everyone derives concrete benefits from it.

CSR Digital Bootcamp, Corporate Responsibility News, News & PR

Open Application for the AdEx Partners Digital Bootcamp 2024

Once again AdEx Partners is offering a pro bono consulting bootcamp for social enterprises and social organizations. All non-profit organizations are invited.


Transformation of Global Master Data Management at Schleich

We're excited to share our journey in transforming global master data management at our client Schleich, a story that intertwines the charm of Emil, the donkey foal, with the cutting-edge capabilities of AI.

Will there still be CIOs in 5 years?

The CIO is the Chief Information Officer of a company. This role has the highest IT responsibility in an organization. It is a crucial role. She or he plans, operates and develops information technology.

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AdEx Partners' Swiss Digital Bootcamp

We are delighted to share the inspiring outcomes stemming from our recent Swiss Digital Bootcamp, held with great enthusiasm in Zürich!

Corporate Responsibility News

Successful Completion of Our Company's Sustainability Challenge

Over the past few weeks, our dedicated team has successfully mastered our sustainability challenge. In this final report, we celebrate the collective impact of our participants.

Data Value Management Insights, Hot Topic!

Point of View on Data Modeling

Data modeling is a shared responsibility of business and IT. A common misconception is that it is primarily a necessary technical step in developing applications and a task reserved for IT professionals. The truth is, only a tight cooperation with the respective experts from the business yields data-driven applications supporting the business goals.

Data Value Management Insights, Hot Topic!

Data Strategy

In today's digital landscape, effectively leveraging data is key for innovation and maintaining a competitive edge. At AdEx Partners, we specialize in transforming data into valuable strategic resources.

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Cyber Security, Hot Topic!

Cyber Security - Maximum security for a company with a holistic approach

A cyberattack occurs every 44 seconds. In today's networked world, it is more important than ever to protect digital systems, networks and data reliably.


AdEx Partners protects corporate assets and strengthens digital trust through customised, efficient cyber security solutions.

Data Value Management Insights, Hot Topic!

Analytics & Data Science with AdEx Partners

In the vast expanse of today's digital economy, data is more than a mere asset—it's the lifeblood of innovation, growth, and competitive differentiation.

Data Value Management Insights, Hot Topic!

Defining the Logic for Data Analytics & Science

Gone are the days when the nuances of data analytics depended heavily on subject matter experts. Initially, our understanding of Data Analytics leaned heavily on these experts' distilled knowledge and experience, solidifying business logic for data extraction, transformation, loading (ETL), and defining those ever-crucial KPIs for insightful reporting and analysis.

Transactional processing
Finance Transformation Insights, Hot Topic!

Transactional processing

"No-touch processes" – how inhumane should a financial transformation be?

Processes that run without human intervention, also known as 'no-touch processes', are the ideal target for financial transformation.

Our podcast Xponential

Let's talk about business transformation

In our podcast, we want to talk about business transformation.
Two experts will speak with exciting examples. They discuss challenges from their industries. Among other topics, we will also talk about the future of work, looking at large corporations and smaller companies. We want to exchange ideas, learn from each other and provide insights into current topics. The talks will mostly be held in German.

Xponential goes live

1. Let's talk about organizational change & transformation

In the first issue of Xponential, Stefanie Hirte from OTTO (GmbH & Co KG)- HR Marketing & Organisational Development and Jörn Kleinschmidt from AdEx Partners - Org. Change & Transformation give an outlook on the time after the pandemic, on working and leadership of the future. What concrete skills do leaders need for the future? And what values have been reinforced by the pandemic?

Moderated by Alissa Stein, the podcast takes us through the opportunities and challenges of the last two years in HR & organisational development.

Here is the next episode of our podcast

2. Let's talk about Digital Transformation, Customer & Employee Centricity

In the second episode, Christian Gondek – Director Digital Product Management at agriculture machinery manufacturer AGCO – and Jörn Kleinschmidt from AdEx Partners talk about the challenges of digital transformation and in particular of customer and employee centricity.
What makes digitalization in agriculture special? Why is employee centricity the foundation for the best possible customer experience? How do you approach digital transformation the right way and win the Red Dot Design Award for the best UX?

The discussion is moderated by Alissa Stein.

Another episode of our podcast is online

3. Let's talk about outcome oriented Operating Model Transformation

In 4 assumptions, Fabian Schroeder from BSH Global Digital Governance and Steffen Wendsche from AdEx Partners address the topic of holistic transformation to an outcome-oriented operating model. What are the recommendations for starting this transformation and what experiences have been made in the transformation of BSH?
The discussion is moderated by Alissa Stein.