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AdEx Partners was founded out of the drive to make complex transformation projects successful and to live management consulting differently in the process: Really understanding the customer and then solving problems sustainably on this basis. Independent, honest and reliable - as a neutral and long-term partner. 

Together with our clients, we specify the goal and the prerequisites for a successful transformation, develop suitable solutions and provide pragmatic support during implementation. We support companies strategically and operationally in complex transformation projects. We identify critical success factors at an early stage and proactively provide recommendations for decisions and actions. We accompany the resulting projects, from planning to implementation. If necessary, we also bring projects that have got into difficulties back on track for success.

Who we are

AdEx Partners brings together consultants and line managers with many years of experience in business and IT transformation. Our focus is on IT (ERP, architecture, data), digital and organisational transformation (finance, supply chain, customer centricity, HR transformation). We also offer support on topics such as business model transformation and business portfolio transformation.

Our team currently consists of over 170 consultants, supplemented by a selected network of specialists. We combine in-depth expertise with comprehensive programme and project management skills. Our clients benefit from our way of working, which is characterised by a high degree of experience, a pragmatic approach and unconditional neutrality towards solution providers. Our client's success is our success.

In the initial phase, the question was what kind of counselling should AdEx Partners do. We reflected on what we had noticed in our consultancy practice before AdEx Partners and what didn't quite fit. There, we repeatedly received enquiries from clients that we were not able to process as we would have liked due to the advanced status of the project. This gave rise to the idea of supporting the customer with our experience, especially at the beginning, in the area of setting up the projects, defining and selecting them, and thus getting the projects right from the start.

In order to be able to help the client in this phase, there must be a great deal of trust. Only then can our approach work. Thus the role of Trusted Advisor and the company name AdEx as Advisory Excellence was born.

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What makes us special

Companies are constantly on the move to adapt to market changes and find their place in the digitalised world. The strongest force of these changes is certainly the opportunity to fully exploit the potential that arises. Transformations are elementary and long-term processes. As with a sporting challenge, rushing ahead blindly is usually not conducive to achieving the goal. A long-term strategy and sustainable approach is crucial for success. This interpretation characterises the work and approach of AdEx Partners.

Consulting experience

Our many years of experience in the European and global consulting environment, as well as in industry management positions, are fully integrated into current projects.

Targeted solution approaches

With critical questioning, we help our customers to take the right steps and not just to take the steps correctly.

Participating company

The passion, motivation, knowledge and skills of our employees are our most important assets. With us, participation is encouraged. Despite our growing size, we continue to offer a home and maintain a family-like approach to each other.

Neutrality through independence

We are independent and neutral towards service and technology providers and only committed to the success of our customers and projects

Methodological competence

Our portfolio is not limited to special services and fields of knowledge. Rather, it is about supporting the client in all strategic challenges.

Corporate Social Responsibility

As part of society, it is a matter of course for us to fulfil our social and ecological responsibility. We are guided by the three pillars of People, Purpose and Planet.

What we stand for

Empowering leading organizations to shape the digital future of Europe!

All employees were involved in defining our purpose. Throughout all levels, we thought together and agreed on this statement.

Empower - we want to empower, support and inspire.

Leading organisations - our clients stand out in their industry and aspire to be or become leading organisations.

Shape - it's about actively shaping, deciding, forming, developing

Digital future of Europe - we have a strong focus on Europe, but we travel outside; we want to emphasise that we want to use the opportunities of the European economy to catch up.

With our values, we formulate our convictions. These were also developed in an iterative process among the employees, agreed with the partnership and finally formulated. Each of these 7 values has great significance in the AdEx culture.

Passion, Trust, Respect, Relevance, Authenticity, Integrity and Teamwork.

Our mission statement specifies how we at AdEx Partners understand our role as a Trusted Advisor. The "AdEx Formula" combines our values and our understanding of the role of a Trusted Advisor with the client.

Our values

Trusted Advisor meets Trusted Investor

Along our vision & purpose to become a Trusted Leader of Business Transformation in Europe, internationalization & service expansion will be a cornerstone in AdEx Partners’ growth strategy for the next years.

We need strong partners for this ambition and in October 2022 we decided to join forces with Capvis AG. Trusted Advisor meets Trusted Investor with similar values, like entrepreneurship, partnership & integrity.

Capvis is an international and diversified organization focused on leveraged buyouts and growth capital investments in middle-market companies in various industries in the European industrial corridor (Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Benelux)

AdEx Partners Advisory Board

Through our advisory board, we have an active panel and a sparring partner for strategic discussions. AdEx Partners can benefit from the knowledge of the experts offering innovative advice and dynamic perspectives.

Facts & Figures

AdEx Partners was founded in 2012 by Carsten Kracht and Ferdinand Weiss in Hamburg and today has offices in the entire DACH region.

300 + Trusted Advisor

5 Locations

70 + Customers

1000 + Realized projects