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As AdEx Partners, we are guided by the principles of the UNGC and take responsibility for our employees, society and the environment.

We see it as our obligation to make a positive contribution to the well-being of society. In doing so, we focus on sustainable and long-term impact.

The three areas of responsibility EmployeesSociety and Planet build the foundation for our sustainability approach.

Skilled Volunteering

At AdEx Partners, we feel responsible to do our share of making the world a better place and the goal of creating a positive social change is deeply rooted across all levels at AdEx Partners. We face this responsibility by leveraging our resources and capabilities as a consulting firm to generate a real and lasting impact. Specifically, we strive to use our resources to enable those whose expertise it is to bring about positive change. We have seen that non-profits and social enterprises face challenges of digitalization and organizational transformation just like our corporate customers. Besides giving financially to those in need, we thus live up to our responsibilities by encouraging employees to provide their skills and experience as trusted advisors for business transformations to NGOs and social enterprises in the form of “skilled volunteering”

AdEx Partners is a participant of the United Nations Global Compact

The Global Compact is an initiative launched by the UN in which companies worldwide can voluntarily commit to a sustainable and responsible corporate governance. Since 1999, ten central principles regarding human rights, labor, environment, and anti-corruption offer a guideline for companies’ behavior and for measuring their progress.

To reaffirm our commitment to the goals of the initiative and to provide transparency on the company's commitment and development, AdEx Partners has published the second UNGC Progress Report in April 2022.

The report describes, among other things, how AdEx Partners as a company is

  • becoming more environmentally sustainable,
  • empowering employees to work in a healthy and empowered manner
  • and making a positive impact on society through high leverage skilled volunteering.

The full report, including a list of the ten principles, is now available here.

AdEx Partner’s focus is especially on the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):


Employee Centric

Corporate responsibility towards our own employees: a flexible working time model, a good work-life balance and health benefits. Once a month we conduct an anonymous satisfaction survey to identify and address potential areas for improvement as early as possible.

Learn more about Employee Centricity at AdEx Partners in our service portfolio.

Our motto: Motivated, healthy and happy employees form the basis for successful projects and satisfied clients.

The AdEx Family is characterized by an exceptionally good and open working culture. Teamwork, integrity and respect are not just buzzwords but an integral part of our identity. This is reflected by our numerous awards: Find more information on our career portal!

Resilience Training

The ability to recover quickly from a difficult situation is a constant challenge.

It is important for us to strengthen the resilience of all our employees, for which we offer various trainings.

We trust each other

Our strength resides in our interdisciplinary team.

We see ourselves as a large community that supports, respects and challenges each other. We make sure to meet regularly and do things together.

Skilled Volunteering

We embrace our corporate responsibility and create the right momentum by leveraging our expertise and experience to make a lasting, positive and real impact.

Great Place To Work

Feedback from our employees has recognized us as a Great Place To Work 5 times in a row. The mutual trust, credibility, respect among each other and the fairness shown were particularly mentioned.

We all work continuously to remain a great place to work.


As Trusted Advisors we have a considerable leverage effect when donating our skills and expertise for the common good. By offering pro bono work to social institutions, we find purpose, broaden our horizons, deepen our skills, think out of the box, introspect and learn for ourselves.

Selection of our pro bono projects

NourEnergy e. V.​

NourEnergy works for its vision of a world in which people live sustainably in order to preserve a healthy and intact nature for present and future generations. Among other things, the German-Muslim organization has launched a global campaign for sustainable fast-breaking (Green Iftar) and offers workshops on a variety of exciting topics. AdEx Partners supports NourEnergy in the development of a strategy roadmap for the upcoming years.

humedica e. V.​

Since its foundation in 1979, humedica has been providing emergency medical aid, disaster relief and medical care and is involved in development cooperation in over 90 countries worldwide. AdEx Partners supports humedica in using digital solutions and modern organizational structures to help people who are in need due to disasters or structural poverty even more efficiently.

SOS Children's Villages International

SOS Children's Villages is an international NGO with the mission to support children in their development in a long-term and holistic way in order to enable a self-determined future. AdEx Partners supports SOS Children's Villages in the change management of their "Digital Learning Hub" program. This program aims to provide global child and youth care workers with structured, consolidated and focused access to learning materials, as well as learning and development tools.

Tafel Deutschland e. V.​

From 2017 to 2022 we supported "Tafel Deutschland e. V." as an official pro bono consulting partner in its Germany-wide digitization project "Tafel macht Zukunft - gemeinsam digital". In doing so, we leveraged our experience and expertise in digital transformation and change management, among other things. Find out in the Tafel story how AdEx Partners helps to save food, distribute it more efficiently and increase transparency.



Digital bootcamps for social entrepreneurs and nonprofit organizations (NPOs)

In many challenges, the social sector hardly differs from the economy: How can more be achieved with limited resources through digitization? How can greater added value be achieved for customers, donors, volunteers and beneficiaries? How can processes, structures, and culture work together efficiently and harmoniously? How can the impact of my work be measured and improved?

AdEx Partners regularly organizes the Digital Bootcamp, supported by our network partner Ashoka, to help social enterprises and nonprofits master challenges in IT, digitization, strategy and other transformations. Selected organizations are accompanied by the expertise of AdEx Partners consultants for several months in the development and implementation of new solutions to individual issues.

Here you can find an overview of our bootcamp projects from previous years.

Our ongoing donation projects

In addition, we also regularly donate to individual fundraising campaigns. Our commitment is demonstrated, for example, by donations for the victims of the 2021 flood disaster in Germany, donations for a Corona relief fund, the provision of medicines for people in Ukraine, in the cooperation with the Besi & Friends Foundation or with laptop donations to the charitable aid project Labdoo.

Childaid​ Network

As a long-standing corporate partner, AdEx Partners regularly supports the NGO "Childaid Network". Their vision is to give needy children and young people, among other things, a qualified basic education, in order to provide an important prerequisite for a self-determined life, and thus a better future. This is also a matter of the heart for us.

AdExGo! Initiative

With the annual "AdExGo!" initiative, we combine sports activities with a good cause and are once again pursuing a clear goal this year: to cover 23.000 km within 3 months in various sports in order to donate 6.000 € to social organizations.

Here you can find our donation recipients from 2023:

AdExGo! - Our annual sports initiative


Climate change, species extinction and other environmental challenges pose a major threat to our planet. Therefore, we take responsibility and carry out extensive internal efforts to become more environmentally friendly.

We evaluate

…our corporate carbon footprint (incl. CO2-equivalent CO2e) to measure the progress towards our competitive goals and to develop a roadmap to become more eco-friendly. 

We avoid

…CO2 by increased virtual collaboration to reduce travel. As experts in digitalization, we also leverage our knowledge to minimize emissions! For us it is a given to use green electricity in our offices. 

We reduce

…CO2e by efficient travel planning, preferring trains over flights, paperless offices and recycling wherever possible. We donate older hardware to extend product life cycles. Tips & tricks on CO2 reduction are exchanged and continuously growing in our internal “Green Wiki”. 


We focus on avoiding and reducing our carbon footprint rather than compensating it. This puts us pressure to make our behavior more environmentally friendly. If it is essential for our customer, we are happy to offset the unavoidable part of our CO2e footprint through certified green projects.

Latest News

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Open Application for the AdEx Partners Digital Bootcamp 2024

Once again AdEx Partners is offering a pro bono consulting bootcamp for social enterprises and social organizations. All non-profit organizations are invited.

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Successful Completion of Our Company's Sustainability Challenge

Over the past few weeks, our dedicated team has successfully mastered our sustainability challenge. In this final report, we celebrate the collective impact of our participants.

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Open Application for the AdEx Partners Digital Bootcamp on April 12th 2024

Once again AdEx Partners is offering a pro bono consulting bootcamp for social enterprises and social organizations. All non-profit organizations are invited.

AdEx Partners and the UN Global Compact Statement 2023
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UN Global Compact Statement 2023

AdEx Partners Statement on Commitment to Sustainable Development and the UN Global Compact Principles

Corporate Responsibility News, AdEx Partners News, News & PR

Digital Bootcamp 2023

AdEx Partners' Digital Bootcamp for social enterprises and non-profit organizations celebrates its birthday – for the fifth time, we were able to kick-off our pro bono consulting bootcamp with great success.

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AdExGo! initiative 2023

This year, our AdExGo! initiative was once again a complete success. In total, we covered over 25,600 km through 25 different sports, far exceeding our goal! We donate 8,000 € to three social organizations.

AdEx Partners Digital Bootcamp 2022
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Digital Bootcamp 2022

Our pro bono consulting boot camp for social enterprises and nonprofit organizations has entered its fourth round with great success. We bring together the expertise of our consultants with social organizations. In this way, we can work together on challenges for a better world.

"Gift with heart" campagne humedica e.V.
Sustainability, Corporate Responsibility News, AdEx Partners News

CSR Review 2022

We are grateful to be able to make our contribution to a better world through our work. Here we want to create a review of some of these contributions - from pro bono consulting to donations and much more.

Group picture AdExGo!2.0
Corporate Responsibility News, AdEx Partners News

Our AdExGo! initiative 2022

With our annual "AdExGo!" initiative, we combine sports activities with a good cause and pursue a clear goal: within 3 months, we cover kilometers with various sports in order to donate money to social organizations.

Corporate Responsibility News

AdEx Partners second United Nations Global Compact progress report

To reaffirm our commitment to the goals of the initiative and to provide transparency on the company's commitment and development, AdEx Partners will publish the second UNGC Progress Report in April 2022.

Corporate Responsibility News

AdEx Partners supports SOS Children's Villages International

Since 2020, we at AdEx Partners have been working closely with SOS Children's Villages International and supporting them with pro bono consulting services, currently in the Digital Learning Hub program.

Public Sector, Corporate Responsibility News

Pro Bono IT Consulting for Childaid Network

Childaid is a non-profit organization that advocates for educational justice in South Asia. Since its foundation, AdEx Partners has supported the network with an annual donation for Christmas.

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