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AdEx Partners in motion for a good cause

Our AdExGo! initiative

The starting signal for our third AdExGo! initiative sounded in March 2023.

From there on, we pursued a common goal: to cover 23,000 km within 13 weeks in order to donate 8,000 euros to social organizations.

After the start, there was no stopping all participants, so that we even exceeded our goal one week before the end of the initiative.

This journey has strengthened our unity and mutual motivation, fostering our positive team spirit. By promoting health and well-being in our dynamic everyday lives, we believe that even small activities can make a significant impact.

Promoting health

With our annual "AdExGo!" initiative launched by the CSR team, we combine sporting activities with a good cause. Especially in times of home offices and constant sitting, it is important to promote physical movements and a sporty balance. Because the health of all employees is particularly close to AdEx Partners' heart.

In addition, our CSR team and the management are keen to support social organizations with our digital bootcamps, pro bono projects and regular fundraising campaigns. In this way, we face up to our corporate responsibility and set the right impulses to make a positive contribution to the well-being of society.

8,000 Euro donation amount

Our employees were actively involved in the selection of eligible charitable organizations. We  are proud to announce that we donate our proceeds to the following three organizations:

This year, our AdExGo! initiative was once again a complete success. In total, we covered over 25,600 km through 25 different sports, far exceeding our goal!

A thousand thanks to all employees for their energetic participation – especially the orga team for their great effort in this initiative!

We are very proud of what we have achieved together and are already looking forward to our AdExGo! initiative 4.0 next year!