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As we have just observed Sustainability Week[1], did you know that, with just six years until 2030, only 15% of the UN Sustainable Development Goals are on track?

In February, our dedicated team has seamlessly integrated this message into a purposeful journey toward a greener, more sustainable future. This journey was facilitated by our Sustainability Challenge, supported by the Earnest-App[2]. Each week, participants collaborated to address specific challenges, ranging from digital sustainability to fostering a culture of kindness at work. Now, in this comprehensive wrap-up, let's celebrate the achievements, highlight specific initiatives, and showcase the collective impact of our participants.

[1] The Economist Impact sustainability week is an annual event tailored for business seeking strategies to acheive net-zero emissions while balancing profitability and sustainability. Designed for a diverse audience, including goverment officials, business leaders, finance professionals, and civil society representatives, the event provides insights and solutions to expedite global sustainability efforts.

[2] The Earnest app is an online platform that allows its users to make the world more sustainable through participating in challenges and getting inspired by tips and tricks.


Digitally Sustainable Challenge

During the inaugural week, the participants actively engaged in reducing their digital footprint. Initiatives included optimizing energy-efficient devices, minimizing electronic waste, and adopting sustainable practices in the digital realm.

Veggie Challenge

In the second week, the participants embraced the Veggie Week Challenge, making mindful choices to reduce their carbon footprint. Participants explored plant-based diets, supported local and sustainable agriculture, and contributed to a healthier planet through their dietary choices.

No food waste Challenge

During the third week, the enthusiastic participants wholeheartedly engaged in the "Use Instead of Throw Away" Challenge, exploring sustainable alternatives. They embraced the concept of utilizing food items that had been around for quite some time before buying new onces, promoting a reduction in food waste and encouraging creative ways to repurpose ingredients.

Be Nice at Work Challenge

The final week witnessed the participants concluding the challenge by fostering a positive work environment through the "Be Nice at Work" Challenge. Participants engaged in acts of kindness, collaboration, and mutual support, contributing to a healthier workplace culture.

Completed challenges


Total tips read


Total CO2 reduced

8969 kg CO2


4 Teams united for a sustainable cause

A Heartfelt Thank You:

We extend our sincere gratitude to each participant for their commitment to these specific challenges. Your collective efforts, guided by the wisdom of sustainability figures, have left an enduring impact on our sustainability journey.

Let's Keep the Momentum Going!

While the challenge may have concluded, our commitment to fostering a culture of sustainability remains unwavering. As a company, we pledge to continue learning and inspiring one another to make conscious choices that benefit our planet and future generations.