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At a time when modern technologies are constantly driving digital transformation, it is essential for companies to establish a smooth connection between business and IT concerns.
Enterprise Architecture Management (EAM) comes into play here and supports the alignment of IT initiatives with the strategic goals of the company.
In the digital age, it is increasingly important for organizations to establish and sustain a successful EAM function. EAM meets the information needs of IT and business stakeholders alike and positively impacts finance, IT security, operations and decision making. It promotes growth, reduces complexity, and gives IT executives transparent and comprehensive insight into the IT architecture. EAM enables the targeted assignment of responsibilities to stakeholders and provides a clear roadmap for digital transformation.
However, as with any major initiative, potential challenges can arise when implementing EAM, especially in the early stages.

At AdEx Partners, we have a structured process for successful strategy development and execution through analysis, design, planning and implementation. We do this by leveraging proven architectural principles and practices and guiding your business through any necessary changes.
Our approach reduces complexity by promoting global technology standards, resulting in secure and efficient solutions. Our expertise spans the entire IT service stack and places special emphasis on methodologies, policies and governance.

Key components for successful Enterprise Architecture Management are:

Assess & Define:

Assessing the customer's current Enterprise Architecture and defining basic assets for Enterprise Architecture Management especially the Business, Application and Technical Infrastructure, as well as a basic Business Capability Map as a starting point for further work in Enterprise Architecture Management.

Creating added value:

How can I achieve growth and sustainability at the same time?
How can I reduce costs and minimize risks?
How do I best modernize the application portfolio and remain flexible in supporting the business?
Which business functions are exposed to the highest failure and security risks?
How can I implement a successful transformation?
What will my application landscape look like in 2-5 years?
How do I move the IT landscape to the cloud?

We answer these and other questions for our customers based on an established enterprise architecture management practice in the company.

Enterprise Architecture as a Service (EAaaS):

Do you want to set up an enterprise architecture management department in your company or better integrate an existing one into the company and incorporate it into relevant processes? You have already compiled a lot of information from the field, but you are missing vision, goals and guidelines in order to sensibly design a company-wide communication that gives the topic emphasis and power?

If so, we would be happy to help with our proven methods for setting up and operating an Enterprise Architecture Management Capability in your company.
Contact us.

Your benefits - why do our customers choose AdEx Partners?

Trusted Advisor

Strong client orientation: Acting and advising entirely aligned with our client’s needs and strategy

True and honest advice to provide the optimal solution, evaluate alternative options, and assess associated risks

Being sparring partners and coaches to empower our clients in achieving their targets.

Strive to have a deep understanding of our client‘s needs & priorities by nurturing enduring long-term relationships

Expertise & Excellence

On average consultants with more than 13 years of professional experience

Leveraging our extensive industry and in-line expertise, we provide valuable advisory and guidance to clients, assisting them in informed decision-making

Extensively skilled in managing transformation projects

Best-in-class service excellence validated by numerous awards and positive client testimonials

One Team

Collaborative approach: Our collaborative approach emphasizes client proximity, allowing us to work hand-in-hand with our customers in their project roles and scopes.

Seamless integration into the client's team for a designated period, ensuring a smooth project launch

Having a deep understanding of business complexity mixed with excellent IT expertise, we effectively bridge the gap between both worlds


Providing impartial advice that solely serves our client’s best interests and is free from hidden agendas.

Maintaining autonomy from any external technology partners or solution providers

Committed to avoiding vendor lock-in and do not accept kickbacks from vendors

Customized Solution

Dynamic work approaches in times of change with more flexibility and optimized use of resources

Reduction of complexity, structuring and efficient transformation based on the respective circumstances and situations

Pragmatic Approach

Expertise to define, set up, and manage transformations effectively, to achieve targets on time and within budget

Take responsibility for project success by actively enabling, fostering collaboration, and involving all teams

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