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Transformations can be found everywhere. It is characteristic that a transformation affects almost all areas of a company in one way or another. Naturally, such a process takes place in many different steps, which are carried out in different areas and teams of the organisation.

We believe in three fundamental truths

  1. Transformations are huge endeavors impacting all areas and teams of an organization, aiming to fundamentally change the business, the capabilities and the structure of its organization.​
    All other activities are projects or programs and less risky than a transformation.​
  2. There are no two transformations to be the same. As individual as companies, the problem and the goal are, transformations also require individual and specific designs, management and drive. ​
    Clearly there is not “the one and only” method that guarantees a successful transformation. However, the enabler are dedicated people, experienced and capable to compose a transformation roadmap as individually as the organization, its problem and aim are. ​
  3. There is no transformation for its own sake. There must be a business reason, a problem to overcome, an aim to reach to start any transformation. Without that a transformation has no purpose, thus no success, and no end.  ​
    Merger & Acquisition, new business model innovation, become more agile or increase digital capabilities are business reasons to start a transformation. ​
    To close a Transformation as soon as a stable state is reached, is as important as the initiation of the transformation.​

We are happy to discuss our believe for transformations to lead to a stable state, an end. There is no need and no meaning to an endless, forever ongoing transformation.  Our understanding of transformation does not include the great capability of continuous improvements.

Why AdEx Partners?

With our holistic approach and our experts from various disciplines, we help you to shape your transformation and implement it successfully. We support you visualizing the big picture, but also to take the right next little step. Often small changes have already a big effect.

Are you interested and curious?

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