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At AdEx Partners, we understand that employees are the most valuable asset of the organization. Employees' individual personal challenges and qualities are inevitably part of the organization’s ecosystem and will finally hinder or boost the overall business performance. Knowing how to manage and improve these factors is crucial in the modern business world.

We consider the individual personality and given environment to achieve optimal performance on individual, team and even company level. Given the right circumstances, individual and teams can be enabled to reach high performance levels. For us, investing in people is not a burden but the competitive advantage in todays' challenging world.

Well-Being is the gamechanger for your business

Well-Being is a complex system that cannot be solved with a one-size-fits-all solution. As trusted advisors we offer a holistic assessment and finding the best solutions for your employees and teams.

In our assessment we concentrate on three factors that make up the basis for optimal performance: Personality, Body and Mind. By assessing the individual states aligned within the specific context, we define and implement according measures to increase well-being and foster high or even optimal performance. As your trusted advisor, we guide you through the process and provide the according tool.

No Performance without Well-Being

With an increasing body of studies around the topic well-being emerging, it becomes clear that well-being is important to employees, it is crucial for performance and it needs to be a top priority for business.

of employees with a thriving Well-Being are told to be top-performers by their managers

of employees with low Well-Being are actively searching for a new job

of employees mention Well-Being in one of their top priorities

Well-Being: More than just a trend

Lacking well-being among employees can be the underlying issue behind what is encountered as the big problem. Measures to increase well-being can, therefore, be the answer to your problems.

Studies show a major gap between C-suite perception and employee assessement of the employee well-being status. Because of this gap, it has proven highly beneficial to map the acutal well-being through a neutral assessment that lays the necessary basis to analyze and enhance the acutal well-being. We, as trusted advisors, can help you assess the actual well-being of your staff, understand the underlying issues, identify neccessary levers and ultimately improve overall well-being and performance.

How to: Well-Being

Enhancing well-being demands an individual approach because lives are individually different but also because a one-fits-all approach is not applicable. To enhance well-being for employees, you need to understand the individual personality and learn about the specific environment to develop individual measures. Because it is a highly personal matter, experience has taught us that having an external advisor is beneficial to maintain professional boundaries while enhancing well-being among employees and teams.



…performance objectives and goals, current Well-Being and collect supportive data on the environment and personality.


…a portfolio to deliver meaningful impact to fuel Well-Being & align with the environmental factors.


…with a coached transformation of defined initiatives and track level of adoption and success along the process.


…through ongoing measurement and improvements to your Employee Well-Being and Performance.

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