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A cyberattack occurs every 44 seconds. In today's networked world, it is more important than ever to protect digital systems, networks and data reliably.

AdEx Partners protects corporate assets and strengthens digital trust through customised, efficient cyber security solutions.


Focusing on security to reduce business risks and ensure business success.


Cybersecurity encompasses all practices and technologies to protect digital systems, networks and data from unauthorised access, theft and damage. This is a shared responsibility borne by companies and organisations to protect their digital assets and safeguard operational processes.

Why is cyber security so important?

Today, Cyber Security is essential for the stability and success of a company.

1. Risk management

Cyber Security identifies and controls one of the key business risks. Preventing security incidents minimises potential costs and damage.

3. Securing the future

Cyber Security acts as a business enabler and secures the digital future viability of the company. The protection of company values and assets forms the foundation for sustained growth and innovation.

2. Business requirement

In the face of digital transformation, Cyber Security is not a choice, but a basic requirement. Ensuring confidentiality, integrity and availability is essential to fulfil legal requirements such as ITSG 2.0.

4. Building trust

Customer trust is strengthened through demonstrably secure business practices. Compliance with regulatory requirements emphasises the reliability of the company.

AdEx Partners understands cyber security as a holistic approach to placing security at the centre of business. To this end, we have developed a framework that takes all aspects into account.

Cyber Security as a holistic approach

AdEx Partners is committed to supporting its clients on their journey to greater cyber security. Through our consulting services, we provide strategic advice, programme management and implementation guidance within our AdEx Cyber Security framework.

Our aim is to support our clients in realising their vision of a resilient business underpinned by a robust cyber security approach.

Description of the dimensions

Strategy Definition & Governance:

Definition and implementation of effective cyber security strategies, taking into account relevant regulations and standards


Identification and assessment of risks that may affect company assets and supply chains


Establishing and enforcing security measures to protect company resources from potential cyber threats


Continuously monitor and analyse security events to detect and respond to potential security breaches at an early stage


Effective management of security incidents through targeted management and analysis to minimise impact and ensure clear communication


Targeted recovery from security incidents through efficient implementation of recovery plans and transparent communication

What added value does AdEx Partners provide?

Trusted Advisor

As independent consultants, we value a cross-technology perspective that enables us to develop customised solutions without being tied to specific products or providers.


Our expertise in transformation and technology implementation is always carried out in close collaboration with selected partners - whenever the situation requires it and creates added value for our customers.

User Centricity

By identifying specific training needs and designing customised concepts, we ensure that our solutions are not only implemented, but also accepted and used effectively by users.

Business & IT-Strategie

We ensure that the cyber security strategy is seamlessly integrated into the business strategy to ensure that technological security and business objectives go hand in hand.