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Corporate Sustainability

Corporate sustainability is about guiding your business to operate within a 'safe and just space' where it not only flourishes economically, but also respects the planet's ecological boundaries and contributes to social fairness. It's a commitment to creating prosperity without compromising the well-being of future generations or the health of our planet. 

From regulatory reporting mandates, a financial evolution focused on sustainability, to risk mitigation, and evolving customer expectations, all these drivers are collectively propelling us towards a more responsible future.

Our expertise

Combining core AdEx competences with sustainability specific expertise for successful sustainability projects.

Expert Consultants in Digital Transformation

Our specialized consultants excel in digital transformation by seamlessly integrating your sustainability strategy targets and ESG data collection and analysis into your infrastructure, offering innovative solutions that enable lasting impact. 

Well-Positioned between IT and Business

We bridge the gap between IT and business, leveraging our expertise to translate sustainable strategies into practical, technology-driven solutions that optimize ESG data management, integrate seamlessly with existing systems, and foster collaboration and communication across departments and stakeholders.

Project Management Expertise

With expertise in materiality analysis, compliance with CSRD regulations, and the calculation of carbon footprints, we bring a comprehensive approach through our holistic sustainability consulting services, integrating sustainability objectives into every aspect of your operations and effectively managing complex projects for seamless execution and tangible results.

Broad ERP Systems Experience

By leveraging ERP systems, we support the transformation of sustainable strategies by enabling effective tracking, reporting, and optimization of key sustainability metrics and ESG data, while streamlining data collection, analysis, and visualization.

A strategic partnership

To complement our expertise with AdEx Partners we have established a strategic partnership with Terra institute, a trusted partner in sustainability consulting with in-depth knowledge and expertise.

Together we are Trusted Advisors for Sustainable Business Transformation with a Whole System Approach. Learn more about Terra Institute.

By the Numbers

We understand the critical role that corporate sustainability plays in today's world. As advocates for positive change, we are dedicated to helping businesses navigate the complex landscape of environmental risks, leverage the benefits of sustainable practices, and align their strategies with evolving customer preferences for sustainability.


70% of EBITDA could be at stake from sustainability challenges

Consumers indicate that sustainability is important to them

Solutions We Offer

Many companies have already embarked on the path to greater sustainability in business. In doing so, they are encountering various challenges that we can support with. Here is a selection of the relevant services we offer.

ESG Data Management

Acquire, process, and use ESG data effectively. We identify data types and key performance indicators, ensure reliable data sources, automate data flows, and maintain a smooth data link for informed decision-making. 

Sustainability & Climate Strategy

Develop a well-defined sustainability strategy by conducting comprehensive analyses, measuring carbon footprint, engaging stakeholders, setting clear goals, exploring sustainable business models, and establishing project management structures.

Ratings & Reporting

Streamline your reporting process by aligning with relevant frameworks, assessing data maturity, and conducting in-depth analyses. We provide expertise in various reporting standards, regulatory assessments, maturity evaluations, data gathering, report finalization, and timely publication. 

Organizational Development & Culture

Foster sustainable transformation by integrating strategies into your organizational culture and operations. We connect sustainable strategy with people, operations, knowledge development, inner development, and stakeholder engagement.

Software & IT Architecture

Ensure your sustainability initiatives have strong technological support. We help define software requirements, identify suitable solutions, assess options, select software and partners, support implementation, and prioritize Green IT practices.

Sustainable Supply Chain

Improve transparency and sustainability in your supply chain, meeting industry standards and promoting environmental practices. Our services cover compliance, material sourcing, logistics optimization, and circular economy principles. 

Sustainable Finance

Integrate ESG into your financial services with risk assessment, policy formulation, capacity building, decision-making integration, and tools for measuring, monitoring, and reporting ESG performance and impact.