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The DIY segment is currently in the perfect position to prepare for the future. Especially in the area of sustainability, it is important to be prepared for the future.

In order to promote this and other transformation processes step by step, our AdEx experts also shed light on the possibilities of digital business models. These contribute to sustainable growth. While visitors of the past still had to laboriously note down measurements, your future customers would like to plan their own construction project in a relaxed manner from home with the help of their smartphone. We help you implement new ideas and the accompanying business model transformation.

Radically changed price structures, supply chain difficulties and increasing online competition are also pushing for change. Your industry in particular is dependent on macroeconomic factors, as well as unpredictable influences like the weather. That's why we at AdEx Partners are concerned with your pricing, warehouse management and portfolio management, among other things. Only in this way can the most important value drivers, based on supply chain analytics, be identified and profitably applied.

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