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A Target Operating Model (TOM) is a strategic framework that outlines the future state of an organization's operations, processes, capabilities, and structure. It serves as a blueprint that describes how an organization will operate in order to achieve its strategic goals and objectives. The TOM defines the desired state of various components within an organization, including its people, processes, technology, governance, and culture. It provides a clear and comprehensive vision of how the organization should function once a transformation or change initiative is implemented. The holistic TOM of AdEx provides a structured and comprehensive framework that guides the entire transformation process.

What is a holistic Target Operating Model (TOM)?

A holistic Target Operating Model (TOM) is a comprehensive and integrated framework that outlines the entirety of an organization's operations, processes, capabilities, and structure. It offers a strategic roadmap for how the organization will function in its desired future state, encompassing aspects such as people, processes, technology, culture, and governance. Unlike isolated solutions, a holistic TOM considers the interconnectedness of various components, ensuring that they work together synergistically to achieve the organization's objectives.

Why is it relevant?

A holistic TOM is relevant because it provides a unified and strategic approach to organizational transformation and development. It aligns all aspects of the organization towards a common goal, fostering better coordination, improved efficiency, and enhanced performance. By addressing various dimensions of an organization's functioning, it ensures that changes are not isolated or piecemeal but contribute to a coherent and successful transformation. This relevance extends to adapting to market changes, maximizing resources, and staying competitive in dynamic environments.

Why are we doing this?

We are implementing a holistic Target Operating Model (TOM) to facilitate a comprehensive and structured transformation within our organization. By adopting a holistic approach, we aim to bring all facets of our operations in line with our strategic goals. This ensures that changes are well-coordinated, resources are optimized, and every part of the organization is contributing to the overall transformation. By doing this, we can achieve sustainable growth, improved efficiency, and a competitive edge in the industry.

What are the pain points?

Without a holistic Target Operating Model (TOM), organizations often face several pain points during transformation initiatives. These include fragmented processes that hinder efficient operations, lack of alignment among different departments, and disjointed technology implementations that result in inefficiencies. Additionally, absence of a holistic approach can lead to resistance to change among employees, unclear accountability, and difficulties in measuring the success of transformation efforts. Addressing these pain points through a holistic TOM helps overcome these challenges and ensures a smoother, more successful transformation journey.

Our AdEx Partners solution approach:

At AdEx Partners, we have adopted a comprehensive method of designing an all-encompassing Target Operating Model (TOM) that captures the core of our transformation journey. Our inclusive TOM integrates eight essential components, each representing a vital aspect of our operational evolution. These six key elements include People, Functional Processes, IT Governance, Performance & Data, and Service Delivery Model. In crafting an organizational Target Operating Model (TOM), AdEx employs a holistic approach that unites these eight distinct building blocks. Together, they form the basis of our wide-ranging TOM framework.

Understanding the significance of personalization, we have taken an extra step to customize specific TOMs for each of these building blocks in order to address the distinct requirements of our clients accurately. This guarantees that our TOM implementation aligns with their strategic goals and is tailored for their industry, organizational structure, and challenges.

Our comprehensive strategy recognizes the interdependence of these vital components. By focusing on People, we enhance workforce abilities and skills. Functional Processes are optimized for smooth operations, while IT Governance ensures effective and secure technology management. Performance & Data are utilized for well-informed decision-making, and the Service Delivery Model is polished for improved customer experiences.

Our commitment to delivering efficient and long-lasting transformations forms the foundation of this all-encompassing approach. By integrating these eight building blocks and developing customized TOMs within them, we empower our clients to undertake successful paths of organizational growth. In doing so, we facilitate their navigation through complexity, boost efficiency, and help them attain their strategic objectives while embracing the holistic nature of our TOM framework.