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Your Trusted Advisor

With a strong focus on industry and digital transformation, I am an Associate Partner with over 20 years of experience as a senior project manager for large, international and complex IT transformations. These range in the area of Smart Factory, Smart Energy, Smart City as well as extensive cloud projects at AdEx Partners and innovation projects such as Digital Twin, Metaverse or Digital Worker.​

In my professional career, I already had the responsibility for the technical process in my early days. Starting in the area of mechanical engineering and machine programming, over software development as well as a retrospective of more than 16 years as a Microsoft employee in the technology, solution and project business.​

My knowledge extends on the one hand in an advanced technical environment of industry standard systems but also in-house applications and interfaces, as well as in the area of data generation, analysis and data management in a multi-cloud environment. ​

In addition, I have a profound knowledge in the area of production, manufacturing and plant engineering, the connection of production lines via SCADA systems and PLCs, sensor technology but also the product and machine monitoring as well as maintenance through intelligent evaluations. ​

With an international project history of more than ten years in Europe, two years in the United States as well as eight years in Brazil, I have gotten to know thousands of plants and facilities and have managed the most diverse digital projects in this regard.​


  • Digital Transformation Manufacturing​
  • Smart Factury​
  • Cloud Architecture (private, public, hybrid, Iaas, PaaS, SaaS & multi-cloud approach)​
  • Quality Management​
  • Trace & Track​
  • Connected Devices​
  • Digital Twin / Metaverse​
  • Resource Management


  • Industrial Equipment ​
  • Automotive​
  • Pharma, Healthcare ​
  • Chemicals​
  • Consumer Goods​
  • Utilities & Telco​
  • Airspace & Defence​


  • Computer Science​
  • Advisor for Digital Manufacturing​
  • Certification Cloud Architect​
  • IoT Expert​
  • Languages: German, English, Portuguese​