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Focus your attention on the customer

For many years, we have been encouraging companies to align processes and products to their customers and develop them for their customers. What sounds so simple, is often very tough.

When it comes to customer centricity, many people think first of the CRM system, while others associate service processes, the use of collected data or end-to-end processes to derive customer needs. Every single topic mentioned is correct, but only all together in connection with other aspects will lead to the goal.

The question we are asked most often is: "Where do I start if I want to put my customers first?"

To answer this question, it is essential to understand what level of maturity your own organization has. How is the market changing, what modified customer requirements do exist or are to be expected and what structure do your customer processes have up to date?

Together with our customers, we designed the AdEx Customer Centricity Framework. Based on this, we can analyze all facets - or just partial areas - together with you in a well-founded and structured manner.

What does that mean for you? Established with many best practice recommendations and dozens of successful projects, we can work with you to derive the right next steps for your digital transformation.

Let's have a look at the AdEx Customer Centricity Framework

  • Company Mindset - Establish a true & purposeful customer orientation and operate with a mindset to always match and exceed customer’s expectations at all points of engagement.
  • Business Model - Successful enterprises define and regularly adapt their business model putting the customer in the center. Knowing your customers prepares for necessary disruptive changes.
  • Technology - A state-of-the-art solution based on a modular architecture enables a 360° view on the customer as well as an outstanding digital customer experience. It is user-friendly, adaptable and utilizes AI for constant learning.
  • Data / Customer Insights - Intelligent use of your existing data helps to permanently detect change in customer behavior. Enriched with external information these insights enable you to draw relevant conclusions & align your activities with customer needs.
  • Customer Engagement - Direct communication with the customer must be consistent through all channels and should be personalized. Continuous customer feedback leads to continuous optimization.
  • Customer Experience - Customer Centricity requires having the Customer Experience in the mind - always and at any time!

Why AdEx Partners?

With our holistic approach and our experts from various disciplines, we help you to shape your transformation and implement it successfully. We support you visualizing the big picture, but also to take the right next little step. Often small changes have already a big effect.

Are you interested and curious? Are you planning a CRM rollout or a Customer Centricity transformation?

Please contact our Trusted Advisors today. We also make your project a success!

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