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Today’s fast-paced, constantly-changing business landscape requires an evolved approach from HR. Also, current trends such as new ways of working, unconventional employee expectations as well as accelerated digitization have revealed the limitations of the traditional three-pillar HR Operating Model.

With our HR Transformation service offering we rebuild the HR Operating Model of the future, to enable HR, technology-enabled work, strategic business alignment, agility and operational efficiency.

HR Design and Services

Our HR Design and Services Offering can be subsumed into 4 service buckets:


We develop a direction for the HR leadership team and HR organization.


We position the HR organization for the future in times of accelerated change.


We develop HR specialist concepts along the employee lifecycle.


We define the enabling HR IT ecosystem.

Future proof HR Operating Model

AdEx Partners proposes a tech-integrated approach to design your future proof HR Operating Model:

HR Goals & StrategyWhat are the major ambitions of HR? What are the expectations towards? ​

Leadership & Culture: How do we lead? What is the environment we want in HR?

HR Operating Structures​: How should the HR (sub) function be structured to meet the goals and mission?

HR Steering Model​: How do we enforce the right decisions in HR?​

HR Offering​: What HR products and HR services should be offered to achieve the goals?​

HR Processes & -Roles: How should the HR processes be designed to achieve the goals?

People: What skills/resources are needed and how will they be developed?

HR Technology & Tools: Which HR tools can be used to provide support and how?

All aspects are considered and realigned in a joint approach. This comprehensive view ensures that no critical component is overlooked, leading to a well-rounded and successful HR Transformation.​


HR Design and Services Transformation

Our HR Transformation, HR Technology and Change experts work hand-in-hand to design and implement the most appropriate HR IT Solution and/or HR Operating Model for your organization.